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When we started doing these weblogs in January of 2017, we didn’t really know if the idea would catch on.

Well, this is my one hundredth effort – George and James will have done about the same and Kevin and Sarah must have produced over fifty between them since coming on board -- so we seem to be holding public interest.

Certainly, we’re being read – all over the world!

Putting e-mail addresses under the blogs has allowed interested – and interesting – people to touch base and comment (positively and negatively) on our news, views and opinions.

Which is good. Don’t ever by shy………

As I write (Tuesday) I’m still smiling about how our show went over so well on Saturday, with our Christians (other faiths are available) putting the mighty Lions to the sword amid a great atmosphere.

Atmosphere created by Dany Gapp’s first maximum (have you ever seen a happier Austrian?) as well as a packed hospitality suite (big, big thanks to Andrew Reed for bringing all his pals along – if you want to do the same, contact us on club@berwickspeedway.com for details of an available night – and the return of the great Sebastian Alden to see us all again.

Seb crashed out of speedway in 2016, having suffered a broken neck in a simple-looking fall (they’re often the worst ones) at Sheffield, and it was really great to meet’n’greet him again, looking so fit and well.

Thinks: Seb’s only 33 – if things had turned out differently, he could still be riding. Look how well Scott Nicholls was doing last week, and he’s a mere kid of 41!

So, yes -- it was a really good night, and with my ‘other team’ from Somerset in town this Saturday, I’m hoping we can keep things going, and maintain our winning run of home league matches which now stretches back more than a year. Of course, we haven’t beaten the Rebels since August, 2014 (49-43) but these days, who knows what can be achieved by our bonny bouncers?

It won’t be easy, mind – I’ve (obviously) seen the Rebels this season, and they’re a solid squad. Roo-boy is on fire, and although Chris Harris will be on active service (away on a Bombing raid for Team GB in Russia) they’ll have a good guest, I’m pretty sure.

They had booked Spud in to ride for them on Friday at Armadale, but after his big smash in the Leicester match, I’m not sure about that – he’s in a pretty painful place.

But they’ll get a good ‘un, I’m sure. Garry May isn’t likely to slip up on that front. He’s a crafty wee bugger – one of the really smart managers. He didn’t pull up too many trees as a rider, but smart team managers don’t need to have been World Champions. A fact Gary Flint will be relieved to hear.

Before then, I’ll be hitting the road – OK, the airport – to follow the Bandits south to Somerset, where we lock horns tomorrow night at their Oak Tree Arena. Someone said that, with my connections down there as well as at Shielfield I just can’t win.

I prefer to think of the situation as being that I just can’t lose!

As is the case come Saturday.

See you at speedway?

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