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Well, to be fair the season has already kicked off -- the 2019 Australian Championships are almost complete!

Max Fricke has so far shown what could be to come for Belle Vue as he has taken victory in three out of the four already-completed rounds. The final round will be streamed – free -- live tomorrow (Saturday) morning from Kurri Kurri at about half-past eight, by the way.

Another young Aussie to keep an eye on is also Belle Vue bound. He’s Jaimon Lidsey, their current (for a week or two more, anyway) U-21 Champion and if those Aces can get Britain’s #2 Dan Bewley fit again in time, they could be having a damn fine time this coming season!

They’re also racing in Argentina, where our returning asset Coty Garcia is contesting their International Championship, staged over ten rounds.

From the couple of events already completed it looks as though that Title will be decided between the trio of Nico Covatti, our own Coty – and another chap quite well-known to us, as he spent a summer in Berwick a few years back, Facundo Albin. We’ll keep an eye on Coty’s progress, of course.

Closer to home, this week saw the Official Berwick Supporters Club start to introduce themselves on social media, especially Facebook.

It has to be remembered that this Official Supporters Club is running with the aim of directly (financially) supporting the speedway club.

Jamie Courtney made it very clear at the recent Fans Forum that he is investing a lot of his own money to get the the speedway club back on an even keel and debt free, but he was also right to tell us, and explain how, he alone should not be responsible for this.

Is it not time for all, each and every one of us, to prove how much we want to keep this sport within Berwick?

Support it all you can…..

Share the name – The Berwick Speedway Supporters Club – on social media (more than 2K likes already, as of earlier in the week).

Support any events the new, Official, club organises and of course – come to as many speedway meetings as you can!

Keep our Bandits flags and banners flying high for years and years to come.

There you go, that’s my cheerleading and morale-boosting done for this issue!

I’ll be back early in February with my pre-season Championship breakdown and predictions, and pretty soon after that we’ll be heading for March………………..

I can almost hear the bikes already – let’s go, Banditos!


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