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How many ladders have the Bandits walked under this season to deserve such rotten luck?

You would have thought at some point that would change but just as that looked to be the case, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen crashed out in his first race in Bandits colours in what proved to be a season ending crash.

Despite his brave efforts to continue on it was clear he was struggling. A real shame as for those first three laps it looked like we had a real star on our hands.

So back to the drawing board we go...again!

A brave performance from the lads wasn’t enough to see off a very good Sheffield side in what seems to be the story of this season.

We haven’t had much to cheer about but one of the positives of the season as I have spoken about in the past has nee the form of David Howe.

After another superb performance at the weekend our very own Steve Hayward took to Twitter to ask if we could have him back for next season.

I agree with these sentiments 100%, and in truth if it were up to me, which it obviously isn’t, David Howe would probably be one of the first names on the team sheet for 2018.

Upon his arrival I have to be honest I was apprehensive, but I am always willing to be proved wrong and in this case I very much was. Week after week David puts in sterling performances and you can see how much he enjoys being a Bandit.

Suddenly I am writing into Magpie, Tiswas and Jim’ll Fix It to make sure he returns in 2018, but as it stands I currently await replies from all three!

Another major positive in 2017 has been the standard of the racing we have witnessed at Shilefield Park. Certainly some of the action on Saturday night past against Sheffield had to be seen to be believed.

Obviously the results haven’t reflected in that and there has been no shortage of effort from our promotion to put that right, sometimes when your lucks out, it’s out.

Surely that’s gotta change sometime though...right?

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