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Well it would appear that almost as soon as my last blog entry here was live, it was almost as quickly out of date, however you won’t be hearing me complaining about that!

The reason?

Well to quote AC/DC, the Bandits will be “back in the ring to take another swing” in 2019 and that is easily the best news I have seen recently!

I am certain that we will know an awful lot more come the 9th of December, when we hear from Jamie Courtney at the Fans Forum at the Black and Gold, but to know that we ride on again into 2019 is a massive bonus.

Until then I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with regards to any further news, but it is at this time that we, as supporters and fans need to throw our weight behind this and support the club going forward.

In all of my years following speedway I can genuinely say that there is no other club in the country like the Berwick Bandits. The passion and love that the fans have for the club is almost unrivalled, however the bickering and petty arguments that ensue on forums and such like is also fairly unrivalled too, although to be fair this is far from exclusive to just Berwick.

Of course the world would be a very boring place if we all shared the same opinions, but that doesn’t always have to descend into farce.

We all have our own idealistic views on what we want to see and ultimately we all want to see speedway prosper as we know it should. Surely if we all want the same thing we can all get along and move forward with same common goal in mind?

The point is you can’t please everyone and you never will be able to, but pettiness shouldn’t really come into it, there’s enough of that in other sports.

Now that wee rant is over, there has been a bit of movement on the transfer market and some sides have a few signings made already. Scunthorpe has set the pace by announcing their whole team but until we see the other side’s it will be difficult to make the call on how they will perform.

Somerset have announced the signings of Chris Harris, Rory Schlein and Nico Covatti which already looks to be one of the strongest heat leader trios out there. Whether the top heavy approach works or not will ultimately remain to be seen, but I think it will be an interesting contrast between a few teams who will perhaps go for a more solid 1-7.

Of course we all know the success that Workington had with the strength in depth approach and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if a few teams decide to adopt this tactic for 2019.

With the team building points limit set at 38 for this coming season, it also wouldn’t surprise me to see lots of riders significantly improving on their starting averages and subsequently making that step to the next level.

To me the top riders are going to be exactly that, but the guys who perhaps aren’t viewed as “out and out” number ones will quite possibly become just that, and the guys who are deemed to be second strings will quite possibly become heat leaders, such will be the makeup of the league.

So to my mind the strength in depth approach is the way to go, and from a Berwick point of view, we know that is something that works for us, having gone oh so very close to pulling off a massive shock this season just past.

However, I’m not the one who’s building the team and I am merely speculating, so if that isn’t the route we go down it won’t really matter as I will still have a team to support, and support it I will!

Mon the Bandits!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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