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This has been a very frustrating week for me both as a Bandits’ fan and as a working Mum....

The constant early mornings and late nights commuting to and from Newcastle…..

Delays due to overnight roadworks......

Home after ten at night before being up at 5am next day…..

Not having a full proper day off with my son....

I promise, one of these blogs I will be nothing but positive (ha!)

Following on from our last heat decider at Newcastle last week I tootled doon the road to Teesside on Thursday with a touch of optimism, but sadly yet again it was a case of so close yet so far away.

Unfortunately, we were perhaps a week too late as we met Redcar with their new and improved team and even more unfortunate we lost Jye after a horrid looking crash in just his second ride.

Thankfully we know he's now fit and well and will be back riding very soon.

Fast forward two days and we swept the Bears aside at home to rightfully sit back on top of the Championship with over a third of the league matches gone!

Yes, most of them have been home matches, but we are more than holding our own away and it won't be long before we all click at once! Still, considering our 2017 record, just to see us on top, even if temporary, shows the way this club is going!

Speaking of that Redcar meeting... Heat 13! Don't think anyone will ever see a heat that takes 8 attempts. My views on it are not suitable for this blog....

Anyways, on to Sheffield and Lakeside this week! Rumours circulating amongst my nationwide sources that we may be seeing changes in the Sheffield line up!

We'll take it like we always do and take the fight to them. We didn't get to the top easy and hopefully we won't be brought down easy!

Catch you all later, Banditos!

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