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102 down; 18 to go; time running out fast.
No, not the countdown to another England humiliation of Australia at Headingly - wonder if the Aussies got 500/1 against themselves this time - but the state of play with something just as exciting, Berwick Speedway's 5-1 Draw.
The draw – which when fully subscribed will present the S.T.A.R.S. Fund with £600 a month towards securing the long-term future of speedway in Berwick – is being promoted on the Bandits’ behalf by the fine band of brothers and sisters from the Berwick Bandits Supporters’ Club. News from 5-1 Draw HQ – which vacillates between Shielfield's Third Bend, various hostelries of ill-repute in the fine town of Berwick-upon-Tweed and the Black and Gold is that just 18 of the 120 numbers are still available in the first draw, due to be made after heat 15 of Saturday’s Championship encounter with the Diamonds.
So between the Bandits’ victory lap (not that I’m tempting fate) and heat one of the NJL match between the Academy and Ashfield Giants someone will become £500 richer, someone else (unless they’ve bought two tickets and have the luck of Frane Selak) will be £100 better off and the S.T.A.R.S fund will be somewhere between £420 and £600 to the good.
If you want number 56 ... unlucky, because it’s mine. Bought, paid for and direct debit set up for perpetuity.
And there is the rub. If you want to bag one of the 18 cute and cuddly numbers just begging for a good home you need to John Curry it (get your skates on) because the money needs to be in the bank no later than Wednesday.
Messenger the Supporters club via its Facebook page (which also contains a list of the available numbers), text Angela Wilson on 07572520363 or email club@berwickspeedway.com
If any numbers remain unsold we will be collecting names – also for a “reserve list” in case people fail to maintain payments – on Saturday night. You can put your name on a list with me at The Box Office entrance ... but they will not be “active” until the September draw.
Fortunately for such a big occasion we have a crack presentation squad with unparalleled experience in such matters.
Shame really that Nicolaj Busk Jacobsen is out for the rest of the season.
Because the last time Mr Barrie and a Dane oversaw a big draw at Berwick still has people talking … almost three decades later.
UPDATE: As of 22.45 Monday night just eight numbers remain.
UPDATE UPDATE: All numbers sold. If you haven't got one yet a reserve list will be available at the Box Office entrance for the next two meetings. There is the potential to add extra numbers - and prizes - to subsequent draws.