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I love reading through our blogs – the passion for all aspects of, and everything concerning our Bonnie Bouncing Bandits of Berwick shines through the writing like black knickers under a white dress.

Big George’s blogs annoy me, of course – he’s funnier than me AND a better writer. ‘Nuff said.

But this week, it was Sarah’s ponderings (posted earlier today) that caught my attention – she signed off by saying “Support your Speedway, Banditos”

What can I say? We all slave over our programme columns and weblogs, generating many hundreds of words each week, most recently talking up the Bandits STARS Project – and this saucy little madam sums up the ethic of what we’re about in four words!

Back in the late ‘sixties – about the time Danny and Liz were having their celebrated brainstorm – the great James Garner (one of my all-time favourite actors) starred in a comedy western titled “Support Your Local Sheriff” – the title itself being a play on an earlier, popular bumper sticker campaign in America, calling on citizens to support their local (rather than regional) police force.

So, to follow Sarah’s lead, we have to, really and truly have to, support our local speedway.

Support the Saturday night meetings by attending every one we can.

Support the riders’ efforts in black-and-gold by cheering and applauding their efforts at every count.

Support the idea of helping to fund the (considerable) non-negotiable costs the promotion faces in bringing these meetings to you at Shielfield each time they open the turnstiles – because, if the burden of the inescapable overheads can be eased through your personal wisdom/ingenuity/generosity (delete as necessary) then the club will be able to use their regular income to pay our gallant riders (even) better money, as well as improving the infrastructure of the speedway operation.

We support our speedway in many ways.

The STARS concept is simple, and will be effective if everyone follows Sarah’s encouragement and supports the Bandits.

Anyone who believes the club can survive, let alone prosper without every available aspect of direct fund-raising to aid the promotion must be as thick as cold custard.

As the lady says, folks: Support Your Speedway!


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