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The calm before the storm – and why I continue to follow said storm…..

Yes folks, it’s that period. The period where there’s currently nowt to do on Saturday nights apart from watching shite TV – although we know that so much preparation for our 2019 season is going on!

It’s now just literally weeks away, and before I do my seasonal preview in my next blog I feel like reminding myself – and others, too – why I continue to follow our beloved Bandits!

Speedway, in its most raw and basic form, is like nothing else! The smell is one in a million. The noise, though it might seem loud to others is more like a little pussy cat to me, so easy on my ears.

The race itself – four absolute nut-jobs throwing bikes around the track and at each other. Bikes without brakes, as we have to tell everyone else who doesn’t get it, and the crashes which unfortunately add to the excitement – watching these young men getting thrown from their bikes at such force that it should cause them significant damage every time – but who continuously bounce back up, and go straight back out on their bikes!

Time to mention the social side of it all!

A side we can all relate to in one way or another – my school friends all loved speedway!

Every Saturday night my hair had to be perfect and my heart would flutter watching Adrian Rymel racing, while others swooned elsewhere….

I’d meet new people regularly through the British Speedway Forum – I was one of the BSF’s original Forum Fannies – many of whom have gone on to become long time friends.

We’d have a drink together, watch the meeting, go out afterwards and crawl home by 4am the next morning without a spot of bother -- this would be a regular occurrence all over the country.

Edinburgh, Newport, Cardiff, IoW, Rye House, Reading --- everlasting memories!

Those away meetings – well, some we won and some we lost.

There were tears and there were cheers -- and I wouldn’t have any of these memories had it not been for my love of speedway!

We all know that the sport is going through a most testing period.

We’ve recently seen the demise of Workington, last season’s champions.

Which is why it is time to stand up, and stand by our club during these testing times.

Don’t walk away, don’t let us be another lost club without backing it to the hilt in every way.

Support your Banditos, folks!

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