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Back to league action this weekend and it is quickly becoming time to put all the pieces together in the run to the play-offs.

The boys and myself have been putting in the effort recently and behind the scenes the work has been done, personally I have been working on motor set ups and trying to remove the odd gremlin and that’s why you will have seen me spinning laps after the meetings recently.

I’ve said many times how unpredictable this sport can be and the biggest challenge can sometimes be finding the consistent set-up that works when conditions are changing.

All the boys have had a period of searching for set-ups this year and we know we are good enough to beat anyone so I am looking forward to getting the boys fired into action for the coming matches.

It was great to see a big turnout of Berwick fans at the Pairs last Friday and I really enjoyed the meeting this year.

The track was slick and round which is my least favourable type of racetrack but I felt I rode well, had some decent speed and even made good starts -- so plenty of positives to take from it!

I even managed to drag Dave Howe away from his massive erection long enough to spanner for me (see his Facebook page for explanation!). In what’s becoming a habit we managed a beer on the 3rd bend with the travelling fans as well and we were left in no doubt that they were in for a big weekend as they headed to Cardiff for the British GP.

As I write this I still haven’t seen the GP as I was at the Apex Motocross Complex all weekend helping with the last rounds of the Minibike British Championship. I’ve not raced any of the rounds this year but I still get along to help out when I can and this weekend I was honoured with the task of Timing and Flagman.

I had big shoes to fill as the world famous Adam Wrathall was unable to attend and if you have seen any of the Minibike Champs social media you will have seen I brought my own style and flair to the job!

It was great to see the kids and adults all buzzing as they crossed the finish line and although I’d like to take the credit, it’s clear all of that goes to the Minibike Champs crew who put on a great event every time.

I’ll be taking a look at the GP in the next day or so I may have to stay away from social media to avoid seeing the results but I’m sure It was another great event and something that continues to be the highlight of not only British Speedway but a stand out event for speedway and stadium motorsports worldwide.