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There’s no let up now!

In my last column I mentioned how important the next few meetings were going to be so a loss at Glasgow but a big win at home may have seemed a familiar result but I like many others could see the improvement in our team.

We have battled hard all year and sometimes its felt disappointing to not get the away results. The boys are getting stronger with each meeting at the moment and with a change of riding order for this week it could be something that works for us in the closing stages of our league campaign.

Ipswich and Edinburgh away this week will be tough matches but in fairness there are no easy matches anymore, teams are strengthening up mid season as well, so you cannot take anything for granted and it’s just a case of working hard and giving ourselves the best chance of getting points on the board.

The goal for this year was always to make the play-offs and put ourselves in the best position possible at that stage of the season.

We are getting close now and we still need that little something extra to get us across the line.

I’m not one to rely on luck and that’s why it’s great to see our boys putting in the effort meeting after meeting.

I can’t say for sure that we will make the play-offs, but I wouldn’t want to miss a single race between now and the end of our league meeting because you know these lads will never give up.

Last weekend we had no racing but speedway wasn’t far from everyone’s minds. The Grant Henderson Tankers Berwick Speedway Training Academy hosted another great day with a broad spread of riders of all ages on bikes of all sizes.

Although still in its early days the hire bikes went down a storm so it’s a big step for the future of the training academy and it’s great to have the opportunity to give those in the community who support our sport a chance to come and try it for themselves.

Duns can be a harsh place at times but the only issues we had were a few sunburnt faces.

A massive well done to everyone who has got the project this far and big thank-you to James Grieves who donated his time to help as an instructor on the day.

When I returned to Berwick in 2014 I did so because I wanted to use my experience and passion to influence and ultimately improve Berwick Speedway, I had no regimental goal of winning the league or going first division.

My intent was to spend time in the community that had welcomed me in as one of their own and ensure that my presence made Saturday nights at Shelfield just that bit better.

Through the tough times and the good times we have held our heads high and enjoyed speedway for what it is. If you can’t laugh and smile on a Saturday night then there’s not much hope is there?

This week the new Bandits Stars Project will be launched and just like my move home in 2014 the Bandits STARS (Stadium, Track and Rent Support) Project is the next step in continuing to strengthen the connection with the Berwick community whist securing the long term future of speedway in Berwick.

Over the years I and other Berwick riders have visited schools, fundraisers, shows, fetes, horse-races and countless other events sometimes promoting Berwick Speedway and sometimes just helping support others.

I enjoy that connection we have with the community and for me it works both ways, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what can progress with the new Bandits STARS Project.