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Last week’s results were disappointing, but I always knew there would be some bumps in the road.

It’s important for each of us seven riders to remember not to get distracted by the result or the importance of meetings, but to continue to focus on personal improvement so we can close the gap between us and the teams that are favourites for silverware in our league.

We will continue to do the things that we are great at, communicating with each other, working as a team on and off the track and hopefully step by step we will get on top of our weaknesses and set our sights on that play-off spot that is there for the taking.

I really hope I’m not about to jinx us all but this weather has been amazing,

I know it brings with it challenges with track preparation but it’s so good to be preparing for meetings in the sunshine or just simply driving with the window down.

I have been trying to make the most of it recently and have been out on my MTB fairly regularly these last few weeks.

Before the Workington home and away matches I was working in the York area so decided to get in contact with former Bandit Simon Cartwright and he showed me some great local trails around the Kilburn area.

It’s always great to catch up with Simon, he is massively interested in how things are going at Berwick and he keeps promising me he will be up for a meeting soon.

After the home match against Workington with the weather so good and my van back working spot on I decided to stop promising myself and to go to Fort William and came good on it by heading up to the Nevis Range to use the spare days I had, to see some more of the amazing countryside and of course the Highlands.

With all the miles I have done over the years with racing I am pretty burnt out with driving but it was refreshing to see new scenery and go considerably further north then I had been before in Scotland.

If you have not been to Fort William before I would recommend it, I was only there for a short overnight stay stopping in my van and riding the MTB trails around the Nevis Range, but if I had more time I would definitely hike up Ben Nevis and it would be great to go back and see the ski slopes in full swing.

I had a great time taking in the sights around the MTB trails and utilizing the gondola to get the full mountain experience of descending the world class trails in the most perfect conditions.

It felt great to get up that high again and it was made even better by the weather, providing warm temperatures and clear blue skies.

I drove up on the Sunday, had a look around, rode my bike and drove home Monday evening but it was as refreshing as having a week abroad, a top place to visit.

I can’t wait to go back.