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There are literally hundreds of songs about change, some are good, some are great and some are frankly terrible.

In speedway some team changes are made for good, some are bad and sometimes the gamble simply doesn’t pay off, and that is just the way it goes sometimes.

The thing with change is that it is inevitable and especially in the world of speedway, where injuries and other things can play their part and be the reason behind them and the dice have been well and truly loaded and rolled at great length by a few promoters up and down the country.

In the last week, changes in speedway have been like some sort of madness fuelled merry go round, with several teams making multiple changes to their line-ups.

Of course teams like Eastbourne were forced into making a change when the unlucky Tom Brennan fell victim to injury; he was replaced by Kyle Newman who was fresh off losing his place at Birmingham.

Talking of the Brummies, Kyle Newman was replaced by Nathan Stoneman as part of a double change which saw Adam Elllis replace Tobias Thomsen. They then followed that up by replacing Ulrich Ostergaard with Tero Aarnio.

Still with me? Great!

No sooner had Nathan Stoneman settled into the Birmingham side and he was on his merry way again, replaced by Danyon Hume as part of another double change which saw Danish newcomer Nick Agertoft replace Zach Wajtknecht, who is taking a break from the sport.

Now, remember Ostergaard? Well he wasn’t out of work long as Redcar snapped him up to replace Ben Barker, who it seems has more baggage than even Ryanair could handle.

However that didn’t stop Scunthorpe signing Barker as an injury replacement for fellow suicide squad member Jason Garrity, again as part of a double change which saw Simon Lambert return to the club to replace Josh Bailey. I should have also mentioned that Simon Lambert only became available because he lost his team place at Newcastle to Jacob Buckhave.

Right now...is that it? You must be joking right?

Remember Ostergaard? Course you do, I mentioned him before! Well remember how he signed for Redcar? Yeah well... he isn’t there anymore.

That’s right, the Bears management had no sooner signed up Ulrich and he was beginning to find form than he was out the door, this time as part of a treble switch which sees Jack Smith and the injured Tom Bacon follow him out the door and replaced by Erik Riss, Kasper Andersen and Tom Wooley.

I should add that is the same Kasper Andersen who was dropped by Sheffield and replaced by Josh MacDonald a month or so ago.

Still with me? If you are then you deserve a medal.

With all these changes it is almost impossible to keep track of who is riding for whom and that can change on a dime, and I haven’t even begun to cover over the league in its entirety.

I’m not even going to start on all the changes in the Premiership because it is equally as much of a minefield.

I can almost guarantee you that this won’t be the last of it either as clubs will be desperate to attempt to strengthen up any which way they can.

Whether or not all this moving and shaking proves to be the catalyst for success for these teams remains to be seen, but one thing I do know is that after all that I need to lie down in a dark room!

No wonder David Bowie stuttered in that song...

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