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Right then, where to start with recent events?

Well on the subject of British Speedway there have certainly been no shortage of talking points, most of which have been largely negative and caused much aggravation amongst the fans.

Originally I had planned to speak about some of that stuff, but it has been done to death and whats done is done and all that.

Irrespective of who is at fault or who isn't at fault, it shouldn't deter us from the fact that speedway is still a wonderful product in its own right, when it's done right.

Take Monday's televised meeting where Kings Lynn, with their new look side took on the Somerset Rebels in what turned out to be a rather entertaining meeting.

In fact I would go as far to say that as far as a meeting to show what our sport can be like, it doesn't get much better. Okay, there wasn't a lot of overtaking but it had everything else.

Close scoreline, nip and tuck action and excitement. Now I don't know about you, but these are all things that I want to see when pay my money at the turnstile on my way into any stadium.

It certainly ticked all the boxes for me.

In other news of course the Grand Prix rolls into Mallilla, Sweden this weekend in what surely promises to be another thrilling night of action.

With this years title chase as enthralling as it has ever been there is the somewhat staggering statistic that three of the worlds top four riders will have home track advantage.

World Championship leader Jason Doyle will have a trio of track specialists hunting him down as Patryk Dudek, Maciej Janowski and Freddie Lindgren are all in the Dackarna side that race in Malillla.

But if anyone can keep them at bay, it is Jason Doyle, who really is in great form at the moment. Scarily enough, I don't believe he has hit top form just yet, but he is grinding out results from nothing and that is what wins championships.

Sadly though, there will be no Greg Hancock at the event due to a shoulder injury sustained in a fall at his home a few days before the Cardiff GP. This will be only the second GP that Hancock has ever missed which is an absolutely incredible statistic.

By my reckoning this will be the first time that a Grand Prix will take place without both Greg Hancock and Nicki Pedersen, who looks set to sit out the next two months to evaluate his future in the sport following his own injuries recently.

The GP series without Hancock or Pedersen is almost unthinkable given their presence in the series over the years, not to mention the seven world titles between them. But with neither looking like making the top eight to qualify for an automatic pick for next season, the organisers could have a real headache on their hands picking the four wild card entries for 2018.

Chris Holder is another former World Champion who currently sits outside the top eight and the likes of Neils Kristian Iversen and Piotr Pawlicki also sit outside the automatic qualification spots, such is the level of quality in this years series.

Of course a lot can change between now and the end of the season and it only takes one good round, or bad round for it all to switch around.

The point I am making is that this season has shown that there is a changing of the guard, of course injuries to Hancock and Pedersen have played a big part but both were finding life tough in the GP's prior to that.

Should neither of them get a wildcard pick in 2018 and we face life without them in the GP, one thing is for sure, they will go down in history as two of the best ever to do it and with completely contrasting styles.

I cannot wait to see what happens in Malilla, eyes down, bingo board at the ready!

But of course with the wonders of modern technology, I can record the Grand Prix and head to Shielfield Park to see the Bandits take on the Peterborough Panthers.

That exactly what you should be doing too, so get your backside trackside as they say!

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

Right I'll hae'tae gan