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With the weather changing and the dark nights coming it means the end of the season……

In the third tier, Mildenhall are brushing aside all the opposition and have currently yet to suffer defeat of any kind this year.

Buxton have at last won a match and Len Silver has called out one of his team (who happens to being going through confidence issues) and “read him the riot act”.

Within our own division we witness, despite have had the best-ever summer weather-wise Lakeside are having to cram in matches through double-headers, Workington are struggling to pencil in their fixtures due to progress in all the competitions and Glasgow are apparently not making life easy for the Comics over dates due to their No 1 being injured……..

In the so-called Premiership, we saw BT Sport showing us our own sport’s version of WWE -- that’s wrestling before you ask. ….

I’m talking about what happened post-Heat 14 of the Belle Vue/King’s Lynn play-off semi-final on Monday evening.

Now there has been much debate on this through various social media outlets about who was right, who was wrong and who shouldn’t have been there!

From where I was sat (at home, watching) I ask why Simon Lambert felt any need to confront Jye when our lad was angry about what had happened during the race. James, Jye’s mechanic was doing the right thing and trying to move Lambert away when – of all people – the King’s Lynn team manager came barging in as the main aggressor!

I don’t mind seeing riders having a word or two, but clearly something nees to be done about outside parties. We saw it happen at a recent GP between Maciej Janokski’s father and Nicki Pedersen and there was a significant fine imposed there – why not in this case?

Anyways, I doubt we’ll hear much more on that, but if your opinions differ to mine, then feel free to share them – the e-mail address is at the bottom!

Moving on, I think it is time for me to sum up our season. In teachers’ terminology, I’ll give it B+ -- by that I mean very good, but could have been even better!

We’ve all had a week and more for it to sink in just how close we came to the play-offs and it hurts, but we move on.

We started with a new Swedish rider in John Lindman and sadly he failed to live up to how quick he looked at P&P.

He did have a couple of good meetings when he dropped to reserve, but then got hurt and was stood down before the season really got going.

We picked up Theo from Redcar and this has to be looked on as probably the move of the season as he added over a point to his average. He did take a couple of matches to get to grips with things again, but once he did he showed that he was the cog we’d been missing in the reserve berth.

NBJ and David couldn’t have had a harder start to their years after the both lost their – very supportive – fathers not long before the season began, and the way they carried on displayed huge personal strength.

Spud finally made the move from Glasgow and hopefully we’ll see him back again next year – we’ve seen the big scores he’s been racking up for us and it would be a very bad thing if he was doing it against us!

Kevin gave us what we expect – absolute reliability. There’s nowt wrong with notching up 7 to 9 points so consistently every meeting.

Dany and Jye had consistent, improving seasons – at times each looking like a world-beater – yet both might say they could do better overall.

It will be interesting to hear what announcements come out at the End of Season Dance (at Ord House) as well as the potential plans for 2019.

I will say, first and foremost, I’m a fan of Berwick Bandits and I have been for many, many years!

I’ve followed the boys in black and gold all over the country, I’ve been the only Berwick fan at tracks like Plymouth and on the Isle of Wight – and my thoughts on these blogs are solely mine!

I’ve really enjoyed being able to express my thoughts to you all, week in and week out and if you do happen to disagree with me, as I say to anyone -- don’t be afraid to tell me!

The blogs will continue over the winter months.

Anyways, to all, enjoy the Bordernapolis tomorrow – I’m sadly not going to be there due to work commitments, which well and truly sucks.

To Scott and Jamie, thank you for this season – it’s been a hoot!

See you all in 2019, Banditos!

Feeling brave? Share your opinions and/or vent your wrath with Sarah at: berwicks_b1tch@hotmail.co.uk