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Yes folks! This week I’m going to talk about differing views. Let me elaborate…….

Last Friday I packed me and my boy into the car and road-tripped up the A1, then along the M8 to Armadale.

Rain wasn’t forecast and I was of the view that surely it couldn’t be worse than our KO Cup-tie there.

Hell, we had kicked on from then, we were back into a better groove and better still -- we had our small-track specialist NBJ at reserve!

We arrived at Armadale, paid the £18.50 (oosha!) and under looming black clouds made our way to the third bend.

Just as the riders appeared for Heat 1, the rain began. Our boys gated on a 5-1, but both Monarchs had passed Captain Kev by the second lap. 3-3.

We had a very easy 5-1 in Heat 2 and David made a very good pass in Heat 3. We led 10-8.

To be fair, it was hammering down for a short period by then, which would have made track conditions difficult – but unbeknownst to me, it is only the team who are behind who can request a track inspection.

The Monarchs clearly wanted it off – my viewpoint is they were running scared – the referee came down from her box, and minutes later we had the inevitable message.

I then drove home on what quickly became a pleasant, sunny evening again.

Twelve hours later, I received a Saturday-morning message from our Medical Co-ordinator Sarah Bulman, asking me if I could help out by being a first-aider that night.

Me, being my good-hearted, willing-to-help self had no hesitation in replying with an emphatic yes.

Nerves then booted me in the gut. I’m an Oncology Nurse, and the skills needed to save or maintain a life in a ward are somewhat different to those needed to treat an adrenaline junkie who has just come off his bike at 70mph!

Still, I had done it in the past (I’m talking 16 years ago here) so I decided it’d be a doddle.

Coming back to the point about differing viewpoints, being on the centre green during racing, especially on a bend at the quickest point the bikes are going, makes you give these lads out there just a little bit more respect that you had before!

We duly sent the Monarchs back up the road on the wrong end of a solid 51-39 tally, maintaining our charge for play-off contention.

Midweek saw some controversial viewpoints on social media in regards to the club’s STARS launch.

Some claimed it was a begging bowl. Others reckon it is a great initiative and needed to help in some way preserve the future of our wonderful speedway club.

I personally have certainly not seen it as begging – no one is forcing anyone to part with money!

STARS is there for people to contribute or to hold events in aid of the project if they wish to do so.

We all have differing viewpoints, but surely the one we all share is the desire to see speedway thrive in the little border town for many years to come?

Support your Speedway, Banditos!
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