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There is only one thing better than a victory over one of your oldest rivals, and that is two victories over one of your oldest rivals in consecutive days!

With the Diamonds sparkle successfully dimmed, the Bandits now have the ominous task of declawing some Tigers this weekend, the Glasgow Tigers to be precise.

Now it would be fair to say that the Tigers promotion and management have done more to promote the sport of speedway and raise it's profile in recent years than many around them, and for that they should be applauded.

Their social media stuff is among some of the best around and in that department they are probably leading by example, and again for that they should be applauded. On top of that they probably have the best bunch of fans in the league, apart from the Bandits of course!

The relationship between Glasgow and the Bandits has been among one of the more harmonious ones in speedway circles and the bond and subsequent banter between the fans has often been second to none. Regardless of the result, the night will almost always end with a handshake and wishes of a safe journey home.

But don't let that fool you, both teams will be going for glory and both teams will be going all guns blazing to put one over on the other.

On paper it is a fascinating battle in prospect, a classic case of two teams built in differing ways, Glasgow more top heavy than your average page three model (so I'm told) and Berwick with arguably a more balanced side one through seven.

Without doubt Glasgow have the leagues top rider in Craig Cook, he is good for double figures every single meeting and in truth, it is a surprise when he is beaten at all, but he can't do it all on his own.

But don't let that distract you from the fact he used to be a Monarch...

Much like I said in my earlier season preview, he is going to need consistent back up, and I'm not sure where that is coming from. One thing we can be sure of though is that "Sarjeant Jimmy Tapetoucher" will be reporting for duty once again to delay proceedings to the best of his ability, so there is that to look forward to.

I jest, I jest!

With the start the Bandits have made, and with this being Glasgow's first meetings of the season, the Bandits have every right to feel a little confident, but there will be no room for complacency. However this meeting does throw up some fascinating head to head battles.

Leon Flint and Kyle Bickley may be team mates for the Belle Vue Colts, but you can guarantee that no quarter will be asked or given from either young man as their battle for reserve supremacy could ultimately decide the destination of the bragging rights.

Then of course there is the battle of the Danes, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen and Claus Vissing. Arguably two of the leagues most stylish riders, Nikolaj has started the season in a rich vein of form and Vissing usuallly starts the season like a house on fire. Their first bend tussles could well be tighter than a ducks behind as you know neither man will want to give an inch to the other.

For me though, where the meeting will be won and lost is in the lower order of the team, and that is where perhaps our biggest danger comes from in the form of Coty Garcia. Our little Argentine sensation was a match winner at Newcastle and Ashfield will hold absolutely no fears for him having spent a season with the Tigers not so long ago.

Plus he will be keen to put one over his former team, as will Aaron Summers, another man in a rich vein of form at the moment and if he can inspire the terrible twosome of Jye Etheridge and Dany Gappmaier to chip in with some good points, then the Bandits could well be on to a winner.

With that being said though, all any of us want to see is an exciting and more importantly safe meeting for all the riders involved, and given the spirit of this weekend I thought I might go old school and do a little revised line up for the two meetings...which could turn out to be complete nonsense as I have no idea the riding order of the Tigers!


1. Spud
2. Captain Kev
3. Terrible Twin 1
4. Terrible Twin 2
5. David Howe's Boss
6. Lean Mean Argentine
7. Lightning Leon


1. Cookie Monster
2. Sarjeant J Tapetoucher
3. Iron Man Starke
4. Rasser Jensen
5. Big Viss
6. Luke Chessell
7. Kyle Bickley and definitely not Joe Lawlor

Will too many Cooks spoil the Tigers chances?
Will Vissing go missing?
Will Jensen be intercepted?
Will the lean mean Argentine become a lean, mean points machine?

I tell you something, I cannot bloody wait for this weekend because it has all the makings of a couple of classics!

Ashfield, Friday 7:30pm
Shielfield, Saturday 7pm

Let's go racing!

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