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Posting this latest weblog on Friday 13th clearly displays my innate optimism.

Nothing will go wrong, everything’s rosy.

Or is it? Fellow blogger Sarah touched on a few edgy points this week, and I’ll take one on a bit.

She shares her bed – unless he’s been really naughty, and has to settle for the sofa – with a Rye House fanatic.

Sarah is a bit miffed because we’re out the Cup, lost at the Fours and (worst of all in her eyes) dipped out to the Comics last weekend.

Her husband-to-be however, has lost his team.

Who would you rather be – the one with entertainment continuing each Saturday night, be the home team winners or losers, or the one without a team to support any more?

Folks, as I’ve said before, there are eleven teams in our Championship. Only one will win the play-offs. The other ten will not.

But if each of these other ten teams provides their fans with entertainment, a bit of fun at their meetings and a promise to be back in action next week, next month and next year, what’s wrong with that?

Tomorrow at Shielfield we are promised – in addition to our seven black-and-gold gladiators taking on the Bell Ends – a little bit more in the way of entertainment.

Buddy the Bandit is going to jump a bike over an indeterminate number of Perryman’s buses, large natural canyons or something like that. The kind of wee added extra we used to have before things got too serious.

I used to revel in these ‘interval attractions’ when I was let loose on the infield, back in the day.

At several tracks silly enough to employ me, we had wrong-way-round races, penalty kick competitions, two-men-on-a-bike races, riders trying to convert a rugby ball over the tapes from ever-increasing distances.

But then the sense-and-sensibility police took over. Referees were told NEVER to allow clockwise riding, let alone racing. Riders got too serious, and wouldn’t come out to take the penalties. Curfews seemed to creep up on us at too many circuits – and simply, speedway became too serious, with no wiggle-room for a few wee smiles.

So the fullest of full marks to the lads for encouraging Buddy to become Evel Knievel for a night – and hopefully, full marks to tomorrow’s referee Willie the Dish for allowing him to do so without written permission from Theresa May.

Who, I might add, need not worry if the whole Brexit thing becomes too much for her skinny self to bear, and she follows Boris out the door – there’s always a suitable job awaiting a former Prime Minister.

Tony Blair is a special envoy for Peace in the Middle East (how’s that going, Tony?) and David Cameron has joined a number of boards of ‘good causes’ which nonetheless allow him time off to count his money.

With Theresa’s skills in heading a totally dysfunctional organisation (aka the Westminster Tory Cabinet) she would be a shoo-in to take over, and provide dynamic, purposeful leadership to the BSPA.

C’mon, even she would be better than Buster and Rob……..

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