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Yes, Banditos, once again I’m a frustrated lady.

Not, I hasten to add (before anyone might suggest it) through any fault of my lovely new husband and not even with this recent turn in the weather…..

But by how close our team came to achieving a fantastic away win at the Championship leaders home circuit at Peterborough.

I don’t know why I’m so frustrated, we got a good point there – not many teams have – and ran them all the way.

But I just think “what if?”.......

Never mind, I’m already thinking about not setting expectations too high for next season – that way I can’t be disappointed!

Not that I’ve been disappointed this season – au contraire!

I’ve had so much of my enthusiasm restored after what was a very difficult 2017 campaign.

The only reason I haven’t travelled as far as the team has been down to work --- damn the NHS, interfering in my life!

Anyways, after the well-earned point at Peterborough (that could have been more) we find ourselves in a position where, to maintain the play-off push we MUST beat those pesky Monarchs tonight at Armadale.

This job being made even harder for two reasons: 1) those Tigers from further along the M8, have started taking things seriously by putting a massive win over the Monarchs on Tuesday just past and then claimed four points at Ipswich (‘cough’ no doubt doing what we were well on out way to doing there last week ‘cough’) and 2) by the fact that Edinburgh themselves are currently holding that last play-off position and will not want to relinquish it by any means!

Now, it’s not to say we can’t do it, but it isn’t going to be easy. So, if like me you’ve still got your soggy, rain-soaked readmission ticket, get yourself back up the road to Armadale tonight and hope a miracle could happen on that track of theirs…….

AND if it doesn’t, if the magic of the play-offs is whipped from underneath our tyres – then head for Shielfield Park tomorrow and just enjoy the great show that our Stars of Tomorrow are bound to put on!

Better still ---- don’t forget that, in a fortnight, on September 29th (for the first time in how many years) we see the return of the Bordernapolis.

I won’t be at the ‘Starza’ however, thanks to the NHS…..

Hence why I’m signing off this week’s blog, full of frustration.

Later, Banditos!

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