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It’s been just over a week now…..

A week since we had the news dropped on us that Scott and Jamie have put the club back on the market.

First and foremost I believe we all have to say a big thank you to both of them for actually taking our Bandits on when it had looked bleak for us.

They have taken us forward, for sure – we are seen as a professional-looking club, the club has no debt and pays riders on time (and indeed, without paying over the odds) we are a club brimful of history and most of all, folks – a club that we cannot and will not let die!

I’ve heard us described as a “cat club” – well, we’ve faced up to closure before and hopefully we’ve still got a few of those nine lives left!

Speedway is one hell of a product. One that should not find itself in the gutter it currently occupies!

We’ve seen in this week’s press statement from Glasgow that they too are considering their future should something not improve, that they are posting six-figure losses – how on earth can that be sustainable? When did costs spiral to the point we’re now at?

So the question now has to be, what truly is the way forward?

The dinosaurs of the BSPA need to think now or our sport will cease to survive in five years time.

As I write, we are awaiting news from, the outcome of, their AGM – I wouldn’t mind waiting a little while longer if it is going to be something worth waiting for, an outcome that suits all.

I perish the thought of having to watch television on a Saturday night any longer than needed.

Get rid of fixed race nights, which were clearly detrimental to many clubs….

Heck, bring in squads if you have to!

Stop so much doubling-up!



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