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Happy New Year!

Here in Melbourne, we celebrated the arrival of 2018 eleven hours ahead of the UK – but I was up again, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 11am to re-celebrate Hogmanay all over again, at the same time as you good folk at home in God’s country. Never miss a chance to sip a wee snootful, me……

As some readers may know, one of the things I’m doing while Down Under is a weekly column for Speedway Star – and the most-recent edition of the magazine gave me cause to celebrate even more!

I ask you – what odds would you have given, what would the chances be, who would have thought we could open our copies this past weekend and seen your Olympus Marquees Bandits feature in FOUR of the “Winners” section in the Star’s annual Honours List – while both the once-mighty Poole Pirates and Glasgow’s ultimately toothless Tigers could only be listed amongst the “Losers”?

Yip, our junior Borderers were highlighted as winners by virtue of their topping the NJL, Jye Etheridge was saluted for his incredible turnaround in form after being thoughfully and shrewdly recruited to join our club – and the promotion got the nod twice!

Once for pioneering track covers and again for getting the Duns project up’n’running.

Four very different reasons to be cheerful, and something we should be proud about.

Although both Duns and track covers were actually first introduced under the aegis of the previous promotion, there is no doubt in my mind that the dynamism brought to Shielfield by the lads since their takeover is the reason for the continuing feelgood factor – and those four “Winners” awards in Speedway Star!

As Peter Oakes writes in his piece accompanying the awards, a team that finishes rock bottom in its own league would normally be expected to feature among the losers, not as winners – but he recognises what Scott and Jamie are proving – that entertainment is more important than results!

Singing from my hymn sheet, Pedro!
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