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Twosomes rule!

Biblically there were Cain & Abel, then musically Lennon & McCartney.

At the cinema we worshipped Fred and Ginger, while comedically we idolised Morcambe & Wise and so on….

But if you’re a speedway fan, does having two superstars in your team really mean you’ve won a watch?

These days, we hear of everyone with a lap-top and a silly name demanding not just ‘one big hitter’ in their squad but the ultimate in forum-fanny luxury – ‘two big hitters’!……

Which last Saturday’s Shielfield visitors have done in spades, hiring Craig Cook to race shoulder-to-shoulder with Bomber Harris at the top of their team.

Two former British Champions, two riders with considerable Grand Prix experience and enough oomph in their scoring – even in their ‘thirties – to make them by far the best one-two in our Championship.

Guaranteed success for the Tigs, then?

Er, not quite.

You see, when you load up with a couple of terrific top-enders, while you are given a good chance of getting success in Heats 13 and 15, it does leave you just a fraction wobbly in some of your other races.

On Saturday past – and I know Rory Schlein was in Craig’s place, but, even if Roo-Boy had been Cookster The Great he could only have scored another six points -- they were here with the big guns firing but we saw what happened when a team with a necessarily lengthy tail couldn’t back up the high hitters.

We also saw how solid our own Banditos are, no big names at the top but seven solid-as-a-rock scorers, taking only two last places all night and absolutely humbling the top-heavy Tigers 58-32.

So, when winter comes and forums burn white-hot with sardonic suggestions that we sign both him and also him, that we really must have ‘two big hitters’ next year, let’s be a little bit careful about what we’re wishing for…….

Just saying.

Something we do have to wish for at all our meetings is a good, strong, referee.

Which – of course – we are always blessed with. . It says here.

One official we worked with in the past was accused – not, I hasten to say, by us – of being at least half-blind.

Now, such accusations can be hurtful, but our man took the criticism on board and booked himself a test at Specsavers (other opticians are available) to ensure he was seeing things clearly enough to continue pressing the right buttons.

Well, our referee had his eyes tested, he was happy enough to be told he had 20/20 vision – his only minor disadvantage (which didn’t cause a problem for his conducting meetings, of course) was that the examiner informed him he was colour-blind!

News which it has to be said, came right out of the green…….

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