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Highs and lows – and we’ve only just begun!

Hello once again to all you wonderful Bandits fans, as well as those further beyond the beautiful Borders!

Life as a Bandito fan ain’t easy – those who’ve been following the Black & Gold for the years I have (and many others totaling more years than I) know the emotions that you can go through!

We’ve already had our fantastic away win at Newcastle, and with that memory who was to think we’d suffer at Glasgow the way we did – a bit of a tonking and the loss of Jye to a broken collarbone (which he has had recently plated – speedy recovery, Jye) but that Friday-night low at Ashfield was followed the very next evening by another three match points and the Tigers getting nowt!

That result, and also home wins for Newcastle and Edinburgh (with nothing taken home by the visitors) keeps us sitting atop out Championship Shield group.

Right now, we sit and watch – and I’m sure I won’t be the only one tuning in to Speedway Updates this Friday to check on the first Scottish Derby of the season – one which could make our last two meetings of the group just a bit butt-clenching, but for now, it’s cheeks unclenched! Ha!

A bit of reflection from myself left me questioning when we were last getting excited at the thought of progression from our early-season Shield (previously Premier Trophy) group – and my mind takes me back as far as the glorious 2002 season (unless anyone wants to tell me different!).

Should it be done then we could potentially be going on some pretty long excursions, as Leicester are currently dominating one group (yes Mr Barrie, Leicester – my prediction for top spot and success this year) and the battle for the top spot in the southern group seems to be between Eastbourne and Somerset.

Interesting times ahead…..

Anyhoo….. this coming Saturday sees the U21 Final back with us for the second year running and unless something goes horribly wrong it is really difficult to see who can beat Robert Lambert.

He is a rider who is a cut above most in the country, and no doubt we’ll see him lining up to represent us in next month’s Speedway of Nations.

Berwick’s own Leon Flint takes his place in the line-up (at #4 in the field – first heat) and it might be nice to think he will be among the front-runners this year.

The experience in itself will only prove to strengthen his mentality at this young stage of his career on two wheels!

Right then – in a few hours I’m back on duty, giving out drugs, looking at wounds and doing all the other things a nurse has to do.

Laters, one and all……

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