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The Bordernapoilis was everything that you would expect from a speedway meeting in Berwick, it was bloody freezing, the pies were incredible and the racing was red hot.

As most people had probably predicted before the start, the pre meeting favourites of Sam Masters and Josh Grajzonek were among the early pace setters but a couple of costly engine failures and last places respectively hampered their scoring and it was the Bandits own David Howe who topped the charts heading into the semi finals.

Now David had been gating like a demon and riding like a man with great intent of stepping on the top step of the podium all night only to have victory stolen away from him on the last bend by Kyle Howarth, who in fairness as a highly deserving winner with the ultra consistent Matty Wethers in third place.

A fitting end to what has been a very good season for the Bandits, but let us be honest here, we were all wanting a Bandits winner to make it the stuff of fairy tales, and to me David Howe would have been the most deserving of winners had he been able to keep Mr Howarth at bay.

You see to me, since joining the Bandits David Howe has been everything that I and many others want in every rider that pulls on the black and gold jacket. While he has endured a tough season both on and off the track he has never once shied away from it or made excuses and he has given it his all every single time he has taken to the track, you cannot ask any more than that.

He has also been extremely frank and honest about things in his interviews and to hear him say that the people at Berwick Speedway, the riders and fans have been the ones that have gotten him through the toughest of times this season will have no doubt brought a tear to an eye or two.

It takes an enormous amount of courage to admit something like that and it certainly was worthy of the applause it received.

Not only that it makes us all realise that Berwick is a special club, where the riders are seen as more than just riders, where the fans are seen as more than just fans, it is almost impossible to describe.

We may not have won an awful lot of silverware in 2018, but if prizes were given out on forward thinking, effort, heart, team spirit and determination then the Bandits would be top of the pile all day long.

The 2018 season has been one of the best in recent memory, and the guys gave it all they had and went oh so very close to pulling off a miracle, but what we have made is progress, and next year the aim must surely be to go one better and make the playoffs and see what happens.

Of course nothing is set in stone with regards to the rules that we will have to play with for 2019 and we will have to wait until the AGM before seeing what direction we are headed, but I think more clubs should be looking at what we have been doing over the last few seasons.

Another thing not set in stone it seems is the future of David Howe as a speedway rider, but whatever decision he makes will be the right one I am sure. One thing that is for sure though is that David Howe has proved a lot of sceptics wrong and shown everyone that he is still a force to be reckoned with, as well as being one of the most popular Bandits of recent times.

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