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Could be tough in the pits at Shielfield on Saturday night as all those Aussies – and there’s some on both sides – have to pretend that they never it anyway.
“Cricket? Nah mate, never watched it – more of a crocodile sumo/Yabbie Racing fan. Now that’s REAL sport.”
So England are in the Cricket World Cup Final – just shows what a good investment it was to buy up all the sandpaper from Birmingham DIY shops in the run-up to Friday’s semi at Edgbaston.
Having failed so spectacularly to give us a decent cricket match it is up to a hand-picked crop of the cream of the nation’s speedway riders to treat us to something special this weekend.
And as fortune would have it we face have a good selection of Skippy’s finest cousins as the Bandits and Lions lock … well whatever it is that Bandits and Lions lock.
That well known musical hall sand dance act Doolan, Summers, Etheridge and Allen will be doing their best to convince everyone that cricket is a game for girls while Ellis Perks can make the most of the double life which saw him born in Worcester but with somewhere nice and warm to spend his winters.
Bragging rights are safely in the hands of local hero Flint, Bates, Nicholls, Mountain and Worrall S, guest replacement for Worrall R, while assorted Argentinian Italians and Austrians can only look on in awe.
Joe Lawlor joins the Lions for the return fixture in Leicestershire on Sunday by which time Eoin Morgan’s boys should have put the non-cheating boys from Down Under to the sword and hoisted the Sir Geoffrey Boycott Big Hit Trophy for the first time.
Joe’s not available for the return of Shielfield Saturdays Live – rumour has it he has a Vape Modelling contract in Chesterton which has cruel penalty clauses attached should it remain unfulfilled.
A lot has happened to both teams since last we met – in what was actually our previous home speedway meeting.
Jack Thomas became the latest in a disturbing line of young British talent to put his career on hold, Worrall R suffered a broken ankle, Nicolaj discovered that a grumbling appendix was an even bigger pain than a grumbling guru, we lost at Newcastle and Scunthorpe, Leicester lost at Redcar and Eastbourne, Jacob Buckhave learned that George English can teach Don Corleone a trick or two when it comes to Il Baccio Della Morte, Ulrich Ostergard’s bid to take three rides for each Championship club in July is progressing nicely – and any weather forecasting app with Accu in its title deserves to be sued for mis-representation.
In other news King Kev has begun gainful employment reviewing speedway circuits for Wotsshale, Triskiddo, Pooleblueline and Broughrut – his first effort can be viewed elsewhere on this channel – Kelvin may as well return his screwdriver-with-delusions-of-grandeur back to where the sun never shines … and we all await Kev’s review of the aforementioned Armadump with bated breath.
Oh and Leon and Dan Bewley discovered something that I got fed up hearing from Liam Gallagher dronealikes during almost quarter of a century living and working in the city – namely you’re more likely to be rained on anywhere else in the world than in Manchester.
Having battled away in a soggy Euro under-21 qualifier in Gdansk last Saturday the pride of the true north are due to don the Union Jack again on Friday night in the World Under-21 Team Final at Belle Vue.
It could be the start of quite a weekend for us Brits (English and Welsh when it comes to cricket for some reason, despite having an Irish captain) with victory on track, in the middle and the netball court (the World Cup starts in Liverpool this weekend) distinct possibilities.
Netball is another sport that Aussies are supposed to be good at but you suspect that they are merely one gubbing away from disowning that too.
There is no discount for anyone carrying either union of St George’s flags on Saturday night but two adults and unlimited numbers of accompanied kids (human rather than Bovidae) are admitted and receive two copies of the Matchday Magazine (AKA The Dirt!) for just £35.
It’s rider replacement for the recovering NBJ which will give us more Aussies in more races and club legend Seb Alden is due to make an appearance.
You’d have to be thick as a brick not to be there. As always, tapes-up at 7pm.