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So folks... it’s done!

15 long years have passed and we’ve finally progressed from a start of season competition!

Who we will go up against won’t be known for a little while yet as we currently await Glasgow having to win or draw their final away match at Edinburgh (now to be run on May 24th).

No easy task for them, but we only lost by 1 with 4 scoring riders --- they will know what they have to do!

More so after seeing the Monarchs absolutely wipe out Scunthorpe in their KO Cup 2nd leg.

Makes you wonder though.... have Edinburgh clicked into place in those eight days since their meeting with us.... are Scunthorpe just absolute dog poop on the road... or is it that we ourselves have got over the Armadale curse that’s lined over our heads for years now?

Our home meeting against the Monarchs saw a team that’s riding high at the minute --- hit with injuries and missing riders already but not letting that phase us!

Dany showed us why in all honesty he is so so valuable to have at home and as others have said, pleasing your home crowd is well over half the battle.

Good Luck to the team that picks us for the Semi Finals!

We attempted to get our league campaign on the road last Wednesday at Birmingham but the weather gods decided to intervene, thus meaning a new date will have to be considered.

No great hardship IMO.

The Brummies have already strengthened and we’d have been going there without Coty (albeit with a decent replacement) or Jye. If you’re going to win on these away tracks, I always much prefer it to be done with our starting septet than guests and r/r --- and there’s no reason we won’t do it despite the strengthening the Brummies have done (yeeeehaaaa, I’m Mrs Eternal Optimist!)

We had no home meeting this Saturday gone as we sat down to watch the Speedway of Nations on BT Sport.

Team GB, led by skipper Tai Woffinden, Craig Cook and U-21 rider Robert Lambert stormed their way to the top to win the meeting and book their seats to Togliatti in Russia in July.

How nice was it that it wasn’t just a two-man performance this year. Craig Cook, the man with no top tier team, showed true British underdog grit and some big brass balls in his rides --- fair play to the dude (and I ain’t his biggest fan, so commend me on saying that please).

Let’s just keep all our fingers and toes crossed now for all three to make it safe to July.

This weekend coming sees us get home league action underway as we go head-to-head (home and away) against the Sheffield Tigers (one of my picks for top 4, of course!).

They’ve been held to a draw in their home meeting yesterday by Glasgow (KO Cup) leaving one very hefty task for themselves in the 2nd leg.

Owlerton hasn’t been too happy a track for us in the past but with their change in race day seemingly bringing about changes in the ‘usual’ track conditions, could this be our time to pounce?

Follow your Bandits to find out... on Saturday, get your kiddies to Shielfield Park... tell your Mams, Dads, Grandparents... anyone who will listen... Berwick does have a decent sporting team (oops) so let’s get out there and show everyone who the hell we are!

Laters Banditos!
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