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The concept of “Friends & Family” rolls on this week, with the deal offered a fortnight ago – the night we unfortunately took Michael Fish’s promise of an imminent hurricane as being true – continuing for the visit of Leicester Lions.

Two adults, who get two programmes and their entire family of under-sixteens in free, need pay just £35. Nice!

I should emphasise this is “Friends & Family” – not Friends With Benefits. That’s completely different.

The Lions are the side my (occasional) blogging colleague Sarah has picked to click this year, and despite a couple of minor wobbles of late they do still have a handy look about them.

On Saturday, with Richie Worrall sidelined they have brother Stevie in as the Leicester Guester – more or less a fair swap.

Although, as I write they still need to find a two-pointer to go at reserve, not that easy a job on the night the National Fours are taking place at Stoke -- although from Sunday I note Joe Lawlor will then be stepping into the steel shoe vacated by Jack Thomas.

Perhaps enthused by their team’s early-season successes, Leicester will be accompanied by a coach-load of Lionhearts on Saturday, which is always good to hear – I like it when there are supporters on the terraces holding opposite views to our own.

Gives the evening a whiff of friendly animosity, might even allow us to create a minor hullabaloo.

Which is sometimes too often missing from the speedway scene these days. People take stuff 'way too seriously.

I was pleased to see that, despite Edinburgh’s Joel Andersson bopping Alfie Bowtell after being scooped up by the overly-enthusiastic young Eagle last week, no further action appears to be forthcoming against either bopper or boppee.

Which is as it should be. Two healthy young men, clad in well-protected Kevlar armour and crash helmets – who’s going to get hurt?

A wise referee – such as the lady who was on the buttons at Eastbourne – handles a wee scuffle best by being careful to have been “marking her programme” as it happened, and therefore unfortunately missing all the fun.

Well done she.

Finally, I understand a good friend (no names, no pack-drill, but he works at Asda) got caught out this week.

He was busy stacking shelves with laundry detergent when he was accosted by an angry lady.

“Hey, you” she snapped. “When you were turning on your charm, giving me all your patter and chatting me up in the Black & Gold after the speedway the other Saturday night, you told me you were in the Red Arrows!”

“No I didn’t” he explained. “I told you I was in the Ariel display team”.

Boom, boom!

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