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Literally bouncing Bandits...,

My title says it all!

Our team has been battered in August! We’ve lost NBJ to a shoulder injury... we saw our Captain Kev get a right ‘clout’ in the back after falling in front of Simon Lambert (huge respect for the quick lay down and just this weekend gone we’ve now lost Spud!

When we do things at Berwick, we do them well... and when we’ve got an injury run, boy does it suck!

Working with the First Aid team on the grass recently has put a new perspective on things for me.

A greater appreciation as such for the skill that these young men have.

Standing outside the track, they are quick.... Standing on the centre green just lifts that speed up a notch or two!

You see things on a much clearer level... seeing Jye and Nikolaj come together and hurtle three-quarters of the back straight at frightening speed was, well, frightening!

Plus, if you’ve ever done a track walk, you know just how unforgiving a landing it truly is!

It also makes me realise that, for some reason, there’s a certain level of pride these men hold. That they don’t want to admit to having an injury...

We know Aaron’s injury now but to think he got up, declined an ambulance ride and then walked around the pits all night on his broken foot…. Jye declining attention after his recent big off... Kevin up and walking around!

Some would say stupid... some would say ballsy!

I say -- you decide!

Anyways, down to 5 men and we still saw off a spirited Brummies side! The last time we were down as many riders on a race night, as Mr B reminded us on Saturday, was against my husband’s old team, those sadly lost Rye House Rockets.

I like to remind him of that as much as he does to me of the year 2005!

Huge performances from all five of them and especially from Jye and Dany, the latter having an incredible run of form at Shielfield lately!

We are still mathematically in with a shout of the play-offs at the minute so their continued upturn in form is essential for us to keep pressing on!

On a very happy note, what an incredible job the Berwick Bandits Supporters Club have done in filling all 120 numbers for the 5-1 scheme, the first draw taking place this Saturday against Newcastle!

This will obviously bring in some long-needed regular extra funding to the club and will contribute into helping Jamie make his decision to plan forward into 2020!

Well done all who bought numbers and here’s hoping that either my number or my wonderful husband’s is the one drawn on Saturday!

£500 would be a nice start to celebrating our 1 year anniversary this Sunday.

Sunday being the day Jye Etheridge will represent our bonny, bouncing Banditos at Owlerton in the CLRC --- go, Jye!

Anyways folks... time for bed and catch you all trackside against the Cubic Zirconias this Saturday!

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