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If there is anything I can tell people from both a personal and professional viewpoint, more so in these last few months, it is to live life to the fullest and treat each day like it could be your last – ‘cos we never know what s**t is going to be thrown at us!

British Speedway lost one of its showmen in Danny Ayres last weekend. I believe its not right of me to discuss the ins and outs of this as people now know the circumstances around Danny’s death, but, rightly or wrongly, it’s been the catalyst for the launch of a support network to prevent anything like this from occurring again. Which is a good thing.

A message to those who jump on the bikes... It is okay not to be okay... Just because you’ve got no fear and massive gonads, that doesn’t make you impenetrable to other stresses of life. Talk to one another….. Support one another and let’s make sure this tragedy never happens again!

On a more positive note, those who have social media will have seen that track work at Shielfield has begun!

To reiterate, a whole metre to be taken off the whole way around the 368m track -- now that’s a lot of graft! It’s probably good that work has started now, considering the unpredictable weather conditions that have been in the Borders lately!

Let’s hope this is going to finally stop the many moans about our track….. I still believe we have one hell of a track if you come with the right mentality and the right set up….... March 28th is Press’n’Practice night, and can’t come quick enough!

I’m really feeling a positive vibe about this coming season, with so many things coming together – it isn’t just the track being widened, I’ve been delighted to see how much effort our Supporters Club are continuing to put into the 5-1 campaign -- and as a result providing a regular cash input for our promotion – it’s so good for future longevity when everyone works together like this….

Something else good concerns one of our Bandits….. It’s just been announced that Leon has signed with the Armadale Devils this season! A close track... a small track... it’s only going to benefit him, and us as a whole!

Gonna be very interesting watching Leon’s progress this season! A shame that “they” have put a halt to him also doing a few National Trophy matches with Newcastle but I’m sure they will have a rational (hah!) reason for that...

And on an even bigger scale than that of the Championship..... I can’t say I was surprised to read that this year’s Warsaw GP is a 55,000 sell out!

I still think we are missing something in this country which Poland’s speedway rulers seem to have bang on... I mean, Bartosz Zmarzlik topped international footballer Robert Lewandowski for Polish sportsman of the year... and yet, the best British rider that we’ve ever seen (our only 3-time World Champion) in Tai Woffinden struggles to get much of a mention on anything more than local news!

Answers on a postcard to the BSPA when someone knows that crucial answer as to how we can be boosting this sports profile!

See you at practice night – I’m the one with the cheeky wee scamp running about my feet, the handsome Mediterranean man making a mess of his programme -- and the really big tits. Come and say hello!

Later, Banditos!
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