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Following on from the sad news that Rye House have been forced to close the doors amidst mounting debts, it kind of got me thinking, what lies in store for the future of Speedway in Britain?

Ironically this comes at a time when we have arguably our finest group of talented youngsters coming through for many a year, which would suggest a bright future, but at club level it seems more and more clubs are struggling to stay afloat.

While I have poked fun at many clubs over the years, including Rye House, I never want to see any club close its doors. In my time watching speedway I have seen clubs like Coventry, Hull, Exeter, Trelawny, Oxford, Reading and others all close the doors, admittedly for varying reasons.

Will speedway ever return to any of these places? Perhaps...but it hasn’t happened as of yet.

Some wifey once sang “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” and whether you want to admit it or not, she’s right.

It wasn’t so long ago that the future of the Bandits was uncertain and it looked as though we weren’t going to make 50 years not out. Luckily, that didn’t turn out to be the case and we have a promotion with fresh ideas and who have slowly but surely been improving things week by week and month by month, building upon the good work of those before them.

At times, I don’t think some people appreciate how lucky they are to have this.

Is it frustrating when results don’t go the way you want? Yes.

Is it frustrating seeing other clubs have all the success? Sure.

Was it frustrating seeing us put out the cup against Edinburgh? Of course.

But in the grand scheme of things it seems like just having speedway to watch is a greater victory than any league or cup trophy.

Any real speedway fan will tell you the same.

Sure it would be nice to be in the hunt and it’s always nice to be at the right end of the table, as we know from moments this season, but just having some sort of stability and knowing that your club is in safe hands and has some sort of future surely has to be some sort of victory in itself.

Of course I can appreciate that this can all change in a heartbeat, but ask any of the fans of those clubs I mentioned earlier if they would trade in all those trophies they won while they were running, for a chance to run again, I am certain they would bite your hand off!

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