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May the Fourth be with us!

Stand by for warp-speed action tonight at Shielfield Park – the Monarchs are coming to town, apparently (according to their programme last night) still believing that a good result this evening – they suggested losing by no more than six points – could see them qualifying for the Championship Shield semi-finals!

Well, I was there last night, and I have to admire their chutzpah if they’re still thinking they can do that……

It was a right old ding-dong, and to be honest either side could – and should – have won.

Great stuff – right down to the second running of Heat 15, when Cameron Heeps spilled himself into the fence on the second lap, meaning it could have been a very fair draw had he not kept his engine running and managed to remount!

But of course, losing 45-44 still handed Bandits an ultra-vital group point, giving us eleven of them from five matches, with just tonight’s to come… A date with destiny?

May the Fourth be with us!

Because, if we win tonight – by one, six or twenty points – we will move onto fourteen points from six matches.

A ratio of 2.33.

The other two groups have finished already, and the best runners-up so far are Somerset Rebels, who have racked up nine points from their four matches – a ratio of only 2.25.

Thus, if – and I’m emphasising if – we win tonight, I calculate we WILL qualify for the semi-finals as “fastest second” (to use a very old speedway phrase) no matter what else happens elsewhere.

Of course, we want to win the group and I’m fairly confident we will – but regardless, I’ll repeat myself and say that a win over Edinburgh Monarchs at Shielfield Park tonight will guarantee qualification to the semi-finals.

May the Fourth be with us!

So tell everyone you know to get their backside trackside tonight and cheer on the Mike Hope of Wooler Bandits (powered by Clear Energy Consulting) as they face the five-time league champions and fight like devils to get this all-important victory with your noisy support!

The turnstiles open at 6pm sharp. Hot food, drinks and a fully-licensed bar await inside the stadium.

Remember what club captain Kevin Doolan says:

“Nothing boring happens at Shielfield Park between 7 and 9.30pm on a Saturday!”

It’s a must-win situation.

Be there – and May the Fourth be with you!


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