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Truth be told I was never really a huge fan of Travis.
A bit too smug and “poor me” for my tastes.
I’ve always imagined a mass listening of their discography by SNP campaign managers after they managed to spectacularly tank the once in a lifetime opportunity to justify their existence a few years ago.
But signing-in to Speedway Updates on Thursday night Fran Healey and his not-so-merry Jock Rockers sprung to mind.
Indeed why does it always rain on us when we’re leading away from home?
First Armadump and now Ipswich – although from those on the ground, huddled under their KLS brollies there seems to be little question that things could not continue in deteriorating conditions. For once we cannot blame Christina Turnbull.
Another meeting that needs to be re-arranged and now, having come out of our early, enforced hibernation the Bandits now head for Peterborough on Sunday tea-time in their bid to beat the odds and reach the play-offs.
As I have mentioned more than once in previous weeks, there are others with many more meetings to squeeze in before the, already delayed, cut-off date.
One of the worst offenders, Workington, try to get back on track by staging a double header against Newcastle and Redcar on Saturday night.
It’s a brave move as, rumour has it, Amanda Jane Sixdigit from Aspatria may be appearing on the X Factor that very same evening. Meetings have been cancelled for less.
Another struggling to complete the shortest fixture list in many a year, Lakeside, will actually see out the season at Rye House with the home comforts of Arena Essex about to fall under the developer’s wrecking ball – assuming it can find any facilities to flatten.
Suffolk’s deluge put a dampener on more than just an evening’s racing, proving once again that while Ying is a fluffy teddy bear, sibling Yang is a nasty little bugger.
Earlier the same day came the news from our leaders that, come what may team-wise, there will be more speedway at Shielfield in 2018.
The Bordernapolis had long been anticipated as our next meeting (September 29 if it’s not already in your diary) but those cheeky Courtney boys lobbed in a pleasant surprise by announcing that there we will also be staging the Stars of Tomorrow 14 days earlier.
And accompanying the main meeting will be the British Youth Championships – racing which is often worth the admission price itself.
In the meantime we have to wait on others to get the job and complete their fixtures.
Which reminds me of another Scottish band from the last century. Wasn’t it Del Amitri that warbled on about Nothing Ever Happens?