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Hi, Banditos... from a sunny Sidari (that’s on the Greek island of Corfu for those who don’t know).

I’m writing this, sat on a beach on my honeymoon... at 11:00 (9am British time) and its 37 degrees.

That means I will be able to sit and watch tonight’s updates from Shielfield Park without a care in the world... our lads know what they have to do... 55 is the key number.

A final is within our grasp. We know underdogs can prevail... look at Workington last season!

It’s time to pack our those stands once again... the fans can be the 8th man to get us across the line.

Also, good luck to the Famous Five representing us tomorrow in the 4TT at Peterborough... a competition which I love attending and one which I truly am sad to be missing...

I’ll blame the BSPA for their scheduling on that one!

My prediction for a bit of fun... hmmmm... to contest the final I predict it will be Leicester, Somerset, Glasgow and I’ll be foolish (I can be, you see) and say us of course!

Have fun one and all

Laters, Banditos!
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