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One point away….

One measly point!

That’s how close our Bandits came to qualifying for the Championship play-offs.

It’s hard to describe how to truly feel; one hand is disappointed that we let slip a home win against Workington back in May, but on the other hand in September we narrowly lost out at the league leaders and took 6 out of the possible 8 points at Ipswich – and Edinburgh of all places!

Yes, Armadale, a place that generally any Berwick team hates going to, but we went there and put on a display I don’t think I’ll see around that place again!

These lucky souls that were there saw two teams with completely different mentalities --- the wet track was clearly not what the Monarchs wanted, and boy, did we make them pay for it!

They did come back at us in the second half of the meeting, but the damage had been done.

Now, putting it that way, why should I feel anything other than proud of the team I’ve followed up and down the land since I started going to speedway back in 1991.

The other thing I can truly smile about right now though – we well and truly buggered up the Monarchs’ play-off hopes, haha!

(Apologies to all my Monarchs-supporting friends).

Whatever though, you can’t fail to say what a season of improvement it truly has been!

Bottom in 2017 to so near the top four in 2018 – and that even after the pundits yet again placed us bottom in their pre-season predictions!

Away trips have been enjoyable again, we’ve not just had a No 1 scoring the points, they’ve all had their moments!

We’ve taken meetings right to the end, won away points at five different tracks, and our home circuit has become (almost) a place of dominance again – only two silly defeats early on in the year!

We’ve now got just one more meeting at Shielfield this season, this being the Bordernapolis!

Make sure you all get there to say goodbye to what has been one hell of a good year!

Make our promotion see there is a reason for all the hours they put into it for us.

Raise the roof and thank those who wore our colours this year.

They almost took us to the unthinkable…….

Afterwards, keep supporting your Banditos and I’ll keep blogging away until we meet again, trackside, in 2019……
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