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What a two-week reprieve from the world of blogging that was!

I won’t bore you with all the details, but I must open by thanking the large majority of you who attended my wedding to my long time love Chris last Saturday – including the wonderful Dennis McCleary, who helped organise for our pictures to be taken inside the stadium.

The day was nothing short of perfect in our eyes and the fact so many of you were there to celebrate it with us was just the icing on the (wedding) cake.
Anyhoo, the day after saw us doing what any newly-wed couple would do.

Yep, we hopped onto the Bandits Supporters Club bus down to Sheffield to support our two boys, Kevin and Aaron.

Okay, Spud had the better day on track and just narrowly missed out on a semi-final slot, but take nowt away from our gallant captain --– he had only done a massive sponsored cycle the day before, helping out with fund-raising for young Micky Bennett – well done, skipper!

Craig Cook won the meeting and as much as I ain’t a fan I do feel sorry for him!

That lad was in a no-win situation – if he won the meeting he knew there would be people moaning that he shouldn’t have been in it, and if he didn’t – people would have ridiculed him, saying he should have won!

The whole day, though – something was just amiss..............

There were noticeable gaps on the terraces, no really tense dramas, no atmosphere unless a Bandit or a Comic was out in a race – or at least, I didn’t feel much……

What I do feel is that this meeting needs a change of scenery – hint, hint BSPA – take it to Manchester!

Finally, it has been a good long couple of weeks off for our beloved Bandits as we have sat waiting and watching as other clubs caught up with their fixtures.

Looking at the league table, we find that away points are going to be needed to keep us on track for a play-off position.

This is do-able, although a massive task.

It starts tonight, at Ipswich – time to bring those points home, lads!

Later, Banditos!
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