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So there we have it, folks…

Cardiff weekend has been and gone.

That meticulous planning over the year, over and done, just like that!

I found myself having the pleasure of the company of the best set of supporters in the country as we ‘endured’ a tedious meeting at Swindon, then a gripping Pairs meeting (at Somerset) before the piece de resistance -- or something like that -- that was the British Grand Prix.

From the moment current GP leader Tai Woffinden won Heat 1, you knew it was going to be a good night.

Sitting up in the top tier among Polish and Russian fans is certainly an experience, they clearly love their speedway and without doubt their noise, colour and unwavering support of their riders is something else and added to the drama of it all.

I personally love the Cardiff weekend – the build-up that BT Sport shows, the Championship Pairs, meeting up with so many old friends in the Walkabout pub (and watching the same friends stumbling out of the same pub in the early hours of Sunday morning!) seeing speedway fans from all over the world converge at one place – and what always tops it off is when the racing out on track is some thing to shout about – and it surely was!

The date for next year has since been announced as September 21st. Some people had already rather stupidly booked their holidays for July again, more fool them, the plonkers!

The later date is, I understand, brought about by the fact the Welch rugby team have several warm-up matches for the Rugby World Cup – how dare they prioritise rugger over our beloved sport!

Now, this weekend sees us taking on the Tigers from Glasgow both home and away.

Unlucky for us is that Craig Cook makes his home debut against us tonight (Friday) but will be missing on Saturday because he is involved in the GP Challenge at Landshut in Germany – although the Tigs will have an able replacement in guest Rory Schlein, I suppose.

I know the averages apparently allow it, but I personally don’t agree with a GP rider’s inclusion in our league.

No, this isn’t down to jealousy. Craig is quite clearly head and shoulders above 99.999% of the others in this league.

It is really important that we stop the Tigers getting any points from tomorrow’s match as we look to maintaining our pace in the ongoing play-off situation.

Make sure you all get there early – knowing the ‘Weeg’ there will be a huge travelling support as they arrive thinking they’ll get some points from us.

Well, all they’ll get is a warm welcome – after that, how about we send them packing?

See you all trackside, Banditos – over and out!

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