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The British Speedway Forum isn't exactly a place renowned for it's harmonious nature, in fact it often tends to be quite the opposite .

This can be for any number of differing reasons, and to be perfectly honest I think that some of the posters simply post stuff they don't actually believe to be right or true just to cause and argument and descend the whole thread into complete farce.

What usually follows is some name calling, someone saying how nice stuff is, then the odd sensible post to get the thread back on track before the tread descends into complete chaos once more.

Rinse and repeat.

Now I realise that it would be a tad hyocritical of me to completely shun the Speedway Forum altogether given that is where this whole thing started, but the reasons listed above are pretty much why I don't really post on it anymore.

That being said I do still enjoy a read at some of the more sensible posts on there and in a rare moment of harmony I found a thread where there was no bickering, no name calling and no arguments...just the way it was intended to be.

The thread in question was titled "Favourite Rider of All Time" and the only fault that I could pick with it was that it took over five pages of posts before someone mentioned Mark Loram, who just happens to be my favourite rider of all time. That was a travesty in itself but it certainly didn't take away from the quality of the thread which I thoroughly enjoyed reading through.

But as I was reading through the various names I began to realise that is the beauty of a question like that, there are no right or wrong answers and there can be hundreds of different reasons why one particular rider is your favourite.

For example the reason Mark Loram is my favourite rider is because he always gave it his all and every single time he was on the track you were guaranteed fireworks and entertainment and as a youngster that caught my attention. Other people prefer the more polished or refined style of a Leigh Adams or a Hans Neilsen type rider, and that's alright by me too because after all there are no right or wrong answers.

As the thread wore on people were starting to reminisce about the times where the underdog rider beat the superstar rider and the name Stan Stevens popped up. Now I must apologise because the name meant nothing to me but apparently he had beaten the great Barry Briggs and brought the house down at his home track, and that is something we can all relate to.

Those sorts of moments and memories are the true spirit of this great sport and what speedway is all about. Not every rider can go on to have the career of a Barry Briggs, Nicki Pedersen or a Tai Woffinden but that doesn't mean that their contributions to the sport are any less important.

For every Barry Briggs there have been ten Stan Stevens and these are the types of guys who create the most magical moments and memories that are spoken about decades later.

Here at Berwick in 2019 we have been lucky to have witnessed some of these types of moments.

We have seen our "Terrible Twins" Dany Gappmaier and Jye Etheridge beat practically every heat leader in the league around Shielfield Park this season. But perhaps the biggest cheer of the season came the night Leon Flint beat Newcastle's Lasse Bjerre in an epic battle which saw the Dane throw absolutely everything at Leon for four laps only for our reserve to resist every challenge using track craft beyond his youthful years.

Then of course he was at it again in heat 15 against Eastbourne where he saw off the challenge of Lewis Kerr to claim a famous 5-1 for your Bandits and one which clearly meant the absolute world to him.

These are memories which live long in the fans and likely the riders themselves and this weekend at Shielfield Park you get double the chance to witness some more as your Bandits take on both Edinburgh and Glasgow in what promises to be two colossal tussles.

This could well prove to be the final Bandits action of 2019 and you dont want to miss out, so as I always say, bang that drum, tell everyone you know and get your backside trackside.

Where? Shielfield Park.
When? Saturday Night.
Time? 6:30 PM

Don't be late, bring a mate and lets create some magic moments!

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