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It’s been a right old -- how do I say this? -- frustrating time, being a Bandits fan lately.

Dumped out of the KO Cup; eliminated from the Championship Shield Semi Final after a home and away double by Leicester; a poor day at the 4TT and throw in 2 home rain-offs against Edinburgh and Scunthorpe -- the latter being particularly frustrating as it was called off based on a forecast that never materialised.

Oh, and I couldn’t forget, yet again another poor end to our meeting at Newcastle after such a promising look 2/3 of the way through!

Still, I’ve been able to reflect on these things in hot countries!

Both Corfu and Bulgaria have given me a good enough dose of Vitamin D to perk me up from the frustration that my favourite sport brings!

And it is frustrating... but then again, I think what this sport has brought me overall to date.

Last weeks rain-off was due to be “Friends and Family week”.

That sums up speedway in general for me.

My family love speedway -- a good portion of my friends are regulars too. Some of my most loyal friends from around the country I’ve made through speedway!

My husband I met through attending speedway... my son attends speedway and this has helped dramatically in his development, despite him being autistic.

What I’m getting at, is that without this sport, how different my life could have been!

How little I may have travelled. How little alcohol I may have consumed (okay, maybe that wouldn’t be too different) and how small my social circle would be!

The rain-off meeting against Edinburgh, albeit only being £10 entry, showed the crowds that can still be got out and the desire people still have to come to speedway…...

The cost showing perhaps, how many people would come again if speedway as a whole, was just ever so slightly cheaper?

Despite what people say, this sport is not one to give up on... Berwick truly does need the speedway – it is a really big part of the fabric of the town!

Continue to support your team folks.. give our promotion reason to think it’s worth carrying on….

Now, back to my sun bed to tan up my top….

Laters, Banditos!
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