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Well that was some weekend to be a Bandits fan!

A hard fought draw at Scunthorpe on Friday and an emphatic win over league leaders Peterborough keeps our interest in the playoffs hunt for a little while longer.

We were also treated to some fantastic racing against the Panthers which in truth didn’t reflect the final score line and we were also treated to a Scott Nicholls Speedway master class as the former GP star reeled off a paid maximum.

His individual display was arguably one of the finest I have ever seen from a visiting rider in almost 20 years following the Bandits. It was an absolute joy to watch and worth the admission money alone. While Scott may be in the later years of his career, there is little doubt that the commitment and class is still there.

It should also be noted that Scott was all too happy to sign autographs and pose for pictures as well as staying behind to present the Northern Junior League title to the Berwick Academy riders at the end of the night. A class act in every sense, even if his shirts are a little dodgy!

From a Bandits point of view we must now see what we can pick up on our travels from our remaining fixtures to keep ourselves in the hunt for a playoff place, but should we make it there, I believe that over two legs we are a match for literally anyone.

No matter what happens, we can all be extremely proud of what the Bandits have achieved in 2018, and that once again we have proved the experts out there wrong at every turn. The Bandits have been a team in every sense of the word, no prima-donnas, no hidden agenda, no egos and no nonsense.

The lads have left it all out there on track and you can’t ask for much more than that.

Now I had originally planned to write a piece about the sad passing of Polish rider Tomasz Jędrzejak and I had sat at my keyboard and stared blankly at the screen trying to find the words to type out that would do such a delicate subject justice, and the inspiration simply eluded me.

Obviously his tragic passing and the circumstances around it have left perhaps more questions than answers and given the outpouring of tributes among his fellow riders and fans, he was a very popular rider, who is sadly gone too soon.

However, the tributes that were organised in Ostrow for their match against Tomasz Jędrzejak’s club Rzeszow were simply breathtaking. The stadium lights were off and every fan and rider in attendance had a candle in memory of Tomasz.

The videos of this have been shared on social media by many, including Greg Hancock and I guarantee they will bring a tear to your eye. Speedway often gets accused of getting things wrong, but when it is paying tribute to one of its own, it tends to be a class above.

May Tomasz Jędrzejak ride in peace.

Just a word to the wise, the next time you’re perhaps frustrated about your team’s performances, or a riders performances and you fancy venting that frustration on social media, take a think as to what that rider may be going through.

Even though as speedway fans we witness guys producing superhuman efforts on a regular basis but we can often forget that underneath all that these riders are human beings at the end of the day.

I think at times, we are guilty of forgetting that.

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