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It’s a funny old game this speedway malarkey isn’t it?

At times this season it has been hard to remain positive as it has seemed like we have walked under endless ladders or had many a black cat crossing our path causing us to have a lot of luck but sadly, all of it bad.

Rotten luck with injuries and subsequent poor results has pretty much been the story of the season here at Berwick and of course there has been plenty of other stuff going on which has threatened to have a negative effect on British Speedway as a whole.

That “stuff” isn’t what I want to get into though.

At the weekend we were treated to a meeting with Peterborough which had absolutely everything you could want from a speedway meeting. It was exactly the type of meeting that for me personally and many of you as well, that we needed to see.

While on the whole we have been treated to some wonderful racing at Shielfield Park this season, more often than not the results haven’t gone the way we would have liked. But thanks to a heroic effort by all six of your Bandits on show on Saturday night, the stadium was bouncing and the fans went home happy.

I can honestly say that I haven’t left the stadium with that feeling in a while. You know the one, hoarse from shouting and absolutely ecstatic that the team pulled off the win after a massively entertaining meeting....yeah, that feeling!

As I left the stadium on Saturday night and I drove home I realised that I had rediscovered my love of speedway all over again. It was almost like my enthusiasm had had a kick up the backside.

I consider myself a diehard fan of the Bandits and I like to think I have stuck with the team through thick and thin alongside many others but I am sure that even those “harder than hardcore” have found the going tougher than ever in 2017.

I feel that meeting on Saturday night past there was almost like a reward for us fans, our riders and our promotion, all of whom have been through some hard times this season.

With refreshed enthusiasm I sat down to watch the Swedish GP from Malilla and what a meeting that was, with the sensational Polish man Bartosz Zmarzlik taking the win in spectacular fashion.

In doing so he has propelled himself right back into the hunt for a medal at the end of the season, and he isn’t the only one. Freddie Lindgren is another man who fired himself back into contention with another podium finish.

With Jason Doyle and Patryk Dudek failing to make the semi finals, Maciej Janowski had the chance to open up an eight point lead at the top of the standings but failed to score in the final so he remains five points clear at the top of the pile.

What looked like a potential three horse race for the title has now opened up massively with only 20 points separating the top seven riders in the world. Proof if ever we needed it that one good round is all it takes to fire yourself back in the hunt.

Gone are the days of one man dominating the World Championship and it is anyone’s game and it has become so hard to predict.

But that is exactly what makes it so great, and I cannot wait to see what happens for the remainder of the season, both domestically and internationally.

Never mind Bartosz Zmarzlik and Freddie Lindgren though, it only took one meeting for me to rediscover my own enthusiasm for speedway too!

I hope you’re enjoying it as much as me.

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Until next time...and there will be a next time.

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