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With there being no league action to speak of at Shielfield Park this weekend, it is the young lions of speedway who take centre stage this coming Saturday with the British Under 21 Final, for the second year running no less.

Now for some of the guys in the line up, it may well prove to be the biggest meeting they ever take part in, and for some it will inevitably be merely a stepping stone on the way to greater things. Either way it is a massive achievement for all the lads involved and well done to them.

Robert Lambert will start off as the red hot favourite having had an incredible season last year that saw him pick up both British junior and senior titles, a Speedway of Nations silver medal and finish on the podium in the World Under 21 final.

It is clear that for young Robert, this is the metaphorical stepping stone for greater things and the sky is very much the limit for him. In truth there are many people who believe he is ready now for the rigours of Grand Prix racing and that point is hard to argue, however he will have to be patient for now.

While obviously Tai Woffinden is the absolute benchmark for all British riders, and riders in general, it would be fair to say that Robert Lambert is the equivalent for the younger generation of British riders.

I have spoken at length before about Lambert and his willingness to go out and grab the opportunities of international experience and that has put him in good stead for every challenge he has taken on in his relatively short career so far.

Dan Bewley is another rider of the same mould as Lambert, a rider going places. Up until his horrendous injuries last season, he was in good form both here and on the continent and looked to be making that next step up. His comeback from those injuries has been nothing short of incredible so far and the next couple of seasons are absolutely vital for him, in terms of his progress.

There are plenty of people out there willing to take shots at British Speedway at every opportunity and they'll say we haven't got riders coming through or they'll say we aren't producing or nurturing the talented riders we should be...

Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's simply not the case.

Right here at Berwick we get to see Leon Flint, arguably the hottest young prospect in British Speedway racing and holding his own at Championship level, continuing his rise up the ranks of the sport. At this stage of his career it is impossible to tell just how far he will go, but he certainly has all the tools to make it far further than where he is at this moment in time.

Kyle Bickley is another in the same bracket, and like Flint, it is impossible to know just how far he will go, but there is plenty to suggest that meetings like this one will be merely a stepping stone onto greater things.

It is at this point that someone from the cheap seats will cry "Yeah but, apart from them there's nobody."

Well worry not my friend, I'm here to shoot you down in flames...

Jordan Palin, who hasn't even turned 16, qualified for the British Under 21 Final by qualifying via the semi final at the Isle of Wight. That is an incredible achievement when you consider some of the more experienced guys he was up against. If you need any further proof of the potential he has, ask Scunthorpe, they've already named him in their 2020 side.

Perhaps they know something we don't? Time will tell, but the lad must have something about him.

Harry Mcgurk, a product of the Bandits Academy and still only 15 also lines up in the meeting, having qualified via the semi final at Somerset. An incredible achievement for someone with very limited experience on board a 500cc and mere weeks into his debut season at National League level. He can add this to his CV alongside his recent win in a junior meeting in Belgium, the likes of which will stand him in good stead for future ventures that will eventually come his way.

That international experience will have been incredibly valuable to him, and the opportunity of the likes of that meeting in Belgium wouldn't have happened without the tireless works of guys like Neil Vatcher, who has done incredible things for the Young Lions, for which he deserves a massive amount of credit.

Another youngster making waves is Newcastle based Archie Freeman, who recently won an amateur meeting at Scunthorpe. While some may turn their nose up at that achievement, if you scratch the surface, it is actually pretty incredible.

Bearing in mind Archie is only 14, he set a winning time of 67 seconds around Scunthorpe, where the track record is 55.18. Breaking that down he is only around three seconds a lap off that pace, which may sound a lot, but it really isn't.

In truth, given that the track record was set around five years ago, it is perhaps more realistic to look at the times posted in Scunthorpe's recent meeting against Edinburgh, where Josh Auty set a winning time of 58.5, to my knowledge that was the fastest time of the night. This makes Archie only little over two seconds a lap off the pace of a man who has probably done more laps around there than anyone else and is in fact the Scorpions all time highest points scorer.

When you bear in mind that Archie is a relatively recent graduate to a 500cc bike and remember he is still only 14, that is absolutely incredible.

Of course that won't be quite enough proof for some of the knockers out there, but let me tell you something, the future ain't quite as bleak as you might think, in fact the future looks pretty bright. Let us not forget that there are plenty more youngsters of all ages beginning to make their way in the sport.

Now, lets watch the shooting stars of British Speedway do battle shall we?
Shielfield Park, Saturday, 7PM!

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