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Yes, I’m late with the weekly update…..

Unfortunately, last-minute wedding planning, preparing to get back to work after nearly three weeks off – and a difficult-at-times three-year-old bundle of fun – mean things don’t always go to plan!

Anyways, in the past week or so, it was so close again – this time we had the misfortune of coming away empty from Glasgow, of all places.

Yes, those big-spending Tigers clawed their way home 49-41 after being six points down against us at one point.

Only the might of a Cook/Harris 5-1 (as a tactical substitute ride, I hasten to add) swung the match in the Tigers’ favour.

Still a performance we can hold our heads high about.

On the Glasgow front– you’ve got to give them credit!

They got the big name signing and went to town on the advertising – the Cookie Monster at the entrance for the kids – all the Cookie merchandise – and the big introduction on parade.

I laughed watching it all, thinking of only a couple of years ago when he visited in the blue and gold of the Monarchs, and how different his welcome was then, ha, ha!

Fickle bunch of people are us speedway fans!

The track though, and the racing – okay, envy is kicking in….

Most heats contained something that kept you watching.

The opening heat 5-1, the exceptional effort of Dany to keep Bomber behind him for three and three-quarter laps in Heat 4, a spectacular crash in Heat 6 which thankfully all riders got away from, a 5-1 in Heat 8 – oh, I’ll just encourage fans to get the DVD.

Whether it is the norm or not for Glasgow now, I certainly left feeling I’d had my £17-worth of entertainment.

The following night saw a complete meltdown from the Tigers.

With former Bandits Starke and Vissing, the great Bomber and the usually-imperious Rory Schlein, many would have thought these four alone would push us close.

Sadly for them, it was not to be as we continued our good run of form at home and swept them away with such ease.

The only real highlight they could provide racing-wise was the truly excellent Heat 9 between Bomber, Jye and David!

We’ve got a busy week coming up now, with visits to both Ipswich and Armadale and then back home for a third meeting with those pesky Monarchs.

At the very least I’ll be expecting eleven league points from these three matches. Although that might be me being a tad over-optimistic, ha, ha!

Somehow, NBJ is at reserve for this month, which might again go in our favour pointswise – we really need to rally down now, and push for the play-offs.

Ha’way the Banditos!
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