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Hello to one and all -- and welcome to another late-in-the-week blog from Yours Truly!

It is squeaky-bum-cheek time this weekend as we go home and away against Edinburgh (no doubt hurting still from us ruining their play off hopes last year)..

All being well we’ll finish off our Shield matches remaining in the same place we currently are now (top for those completely out of the loop)... or hopefully at least going through as highest runner up!

I do like seeing us in pole position though! How exciting, as the thought of potentially planning a Semi (ooeerrr!!) final draws nearer

Last Saturday saw the British Under 21 final take place at Shielfield again and as expected, Robert Lambert truly was and is a cut above most.

Even when missing the gate, as he did in the final race, he caught and rounded them off the 4th bend before sailing off into the sunset!

I stood in awe, watched and then reflected a little on the young man I’d been watching since his 2nd half days at Rye House. He’s no doubt going to be challenging for the senior world title in years to come (and I say that as confidently as i did when I predicted Leicester to top the league this season).

He gets his GP shot again in the 1st GP of the season due to the very unfortunate circumstances for the Hancock family. Best wishes to Greg and his wife Jennie in a very frightening time for them.

On the aspect of the whole U21 meeting though, I must say personally I am not the biggest fan of the process. Maybe it’s just individual meetings in general (other than the Riders Championship as someone is representing my team) but I just find that they do go on a bit.

That is nothing to do with the running of the meeting which was impeccable but well... I’m sure there are some who get what I’m trying to say (maybe it’s a female thing). I much prefer to watch my team, especially when it gets to nitty gritty matters….

And actually, nitty gritty really is describing this next week for us as after Saturday, we travel down to Birmingham on Wednesday for our opening league match.

I predicted, sadly I should add, that the Brummies would finish bottom and in the most selfish way, I hope that we are going there before they can ring the changes in... that’s part of what it takes for success (catching teams at the right time I mean).

They’ve just lost their last Shield match at home to Eastbourne 37-53 and I would hazard a guess that the Eagles won’t get too many more wins away from home (look at their score at Somerset, heh!).

As a Bandit fan, it’s hard not to sympathise with Birmingham’s current situation. It’s well known how hard David Mason thought about moving up in the first place and it doesn’t seem to be paying off...

The team had to be one that would compete at home at the very least and they’ve yet to pick up a win (2007 for us ring any bells, people?).

I’ll throw a curveball here though... it must be Laurence Rogers fault! He’ll have to go….

My reasons.... he’s had involvement at Cradley Heath in the old days (closed), Oxford (no speedway now), Coventry (currently closed), Newport (no longer running)... Plymouth (back in NL after a stint in the Championship), Leicester (during their bang-average last stint in the 2nd tier)... and now he’s having an unsuccessful spell at Birmingham.

I’m of the opinion that it’s (former) riders who make far better managers.. hell, I can’t fault any of the decisions that Flinty Snr (Gary, I mean) has made this season!

Hopefully I haven’t spoke to soon….

And on that note, hopefully I’ll see a good few travelling to Armadale tomorrow!

Laters, Banditos!
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