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As many of you will now be aware the Bandits Promotion have launched its STARS (Stadium Track and Rent Support) campaign and this could well be the very thing to keep the club alive in what proves to be a testing time for the sport once again.

We see it year on year, clubs facing an uncertain future due to one reason and another, and it would seem that the Bandits are luckily in a better position than many at the moment, but by no means does that mean we are completely out the woods.

Even though the 2018 season is far from over, we must look ahead to 2019, at the time of writing we have no idea what the league format will be or indeed who will be coming to the tapes. With Rye House having already closed and Lakeside seemingly facing an uncertain future the sport future surely must focus on keeping alive what's left and radical changes are perhaps required.

However, the idea of STARS is to at least secure the future of the sport in Berwick, which has to be our number one priority as fans of the club first and foremost. However as fans of speedway in general, we must also realise that without speedway at a club level, there is no speedway at an international level.

I believe that Speedway in Britain does have a future and on a World level, I believe Britain can have a say. I have long since said that there is a reason why many World Champions over the last decade plus have mainly been riders who have had significant experience of riding in this country. I see no reason why that has to change.

However, without things like STARS running in conjunction with the club here, it will change, and there will be more and more clubs closing the doors, which is the last thing anyone wants to see. So often speedway only looks as far ahead as the end of its nose, but in my opinion it needs to be looking further ahead wherever possible.

Campaigns similar to STARS are already in place at clubs like Edinburgh and Glasgow and those have proved fruitful, so there is no reason why the same thing can't work here at Berwick. One thing I have learned over the years of following the Bandits is that the fans of the club are amongst the most generous and hardcore out there, exactly what every club needs.

I have recently finished reading the book “The Golden Age Of Speedway” by Phillip Dalling which focuses on speedways boom period after the Second World War and its subsequent decline by the late 1950s. Now even during this time it seems that those running speedway only ran it on a year on year basis and basically hoped that it survived.

Which begs the question, was speedway truly any better off back then?

The book likens he sport of speedway to a cat, with the ability to fight on despite setbacks and turmoil, but as we all know a cat only has nine lives, and speedway has to be be getting through a few of those by now.

My point is that perhaps the time has come to look further ahead than just a year wherever possible, perhaps the time has come to somehow fully secure speedway at a club level in Britain.

Well as always, the Bandits and STARS are a step ahead of the game and the time has come to get behind it as only the Bandits fans can.

I don't know what the future holds for speedway in Britain, but with things like STARS we surely know that the Bandits are hell bent on being a part of it.

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