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Having produced my last weblog on the subject of our forthcoming (Saturday week, August 5th, don’t miss it!) Stars Of Tomorrow, I felt the matter of the event required further examination……..

Firstly, to do a bit of appetite-whetting, I should highlight that this year follows and indeed expands on past seasons’ sprinkling of overseas riders to the show.

In 2016 we had a Dane, three Australians and the usual Scots and English lads.

This time around the favourite might be a British Australian, or an Australian Brit, depending on how you see his situation – plus three Danes, two French riders, an Argentinean, at least one Scot and the other half of the field, who seem to be of the English persuasion!

All good stuff. The Starza has always opened the pit gates to overseas hopefuls – wee Kiwi Wayne Brown is a shining example of one who contested the event, and despite never winning the meeting progressed to be one of the best Bandits of all time – and who knows who might move on and up from this one to wear black and gold in future years?

Ellis Perks was on fire (hah!) on TV this week, scoring points for big-league Wolverhampton and being thought of by some as a pre-meeting Starza favourite – but who’ll be betting against wee Dan Bewley, who didn’t just head Perksie home in Heat 2, he followed that with a win over Freddie Lindgren and Rory Schlien five heats later!

Then there are the unknown quantities – not least the two guys coming over from France to ride in the event – les ‘pilotes francais’…..

Who are Xavier Muratet and John Bernard. What do we know about them?

Well, not a lot. But in an event like the Starza – expect the unexpected!

Both are members of the Marmande club, for whom our own pint-sized ‘pilote’ Leon Flint turns out on his 250cc bike in the French League – from which evidence, we might be able to work out how the chaps ended up on our invitation list…….

Look, I’m just so happy that on the Saturday of next weekend we’ll see Berwick putting on a speedway show to look deeply into the future of our sport. A well-organised, properly thought-out speedway meeting, put together by people who know what they’re doing. As for the following day, however……

Maybe at this point I should mention, although the Starza is ‘powered by Minibike Champs’ the organisers are still actively – dare I say anxiously? – chasing a wee bit of help in setting up the show, while keeping admission costs down to a measly £12.

Sponsor the whole jing-bang? You can do that for only £1,000. Cheap at the price, folks! Put your name on a race? Certainly, that’ll be just £100. Things a bit tight just now? – I can still get you fixed up, how about backing a rider -- only £70.

All these sponsorships will get you copious programme and public address mentions, of course – and all you need do to get signed up is phone Gary Flint on 07730-691897. Now!




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