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When things are good in speedway it can be the best sport in the world to be a fan of!

When it’s going a bit pear-shaped out on track it can be so disheartening.

And that my fellow Banditos, is where a lot of us probably find ourselves at the minute.

The last two weeks as a Berwick fan ain’t been too much fun results-wise. Out of the KO Cup, eliminated in that last decisive heat of the Fours and this weekend gone by brought a heavy away defeat and our first home league loss, against the Comets of all teams….

I, again, had the chance to watch from the comfort of the Hospitality Suite for Part One of my transition from Miss Ellis to Mrs Shadders (that’s easier to say than Charalambous, ha, ha, ha). Huge thanks and shout out to all who made it such a cracking hen-night for me.

Round the country in general there’s been a few surprising moments in these last couple of weeks.

Firstly, and most obviously in the Charalambous (aka Shadders) household was the very sad demise of Rye House.

Speaking personally I have very happy memories of Rye House. I saw us win our very first meeting there after the Rockets returned to our league, in pouring rain. I’ve seen us win there in the KO Cup. I saw a draw there in what was a magnificent match. I met my wonderful Rye-supporting fiancé in 2005 and our son saw his first speedway meetings there!

Moving to the top league and losing their old fixed race night of Saturdays hurt them more than they could have forseen.

I’m sure we are all in the same boat of hoping this is just a minor blip for the Rockets and we see them back on their much-better Saturday nights next year.

Glasgow look to have been flashing their cash again. Tuesday evening past saw the announcement of current Grand Prix rider and former Edinburgh Monarch Craig Cook as a Tiger – but yesterday it seems that move has been vetoed, although no doubt it will be only a matter of time before he makes the move back to the better league.

We can only hazard guesses why. Is it 1) that he isn’t so fussed about future world domination as he’s coming back to the Championship, 2) money ain’t great due to his so-far disappointing GP run and he’s obviously a rider few will beat in our league or 3) his confidence is completely shot to bits? Watch this space…..

We face Scunthorpe this Saturday and it looks like they’ll have their No 1 Steve Worrall back with them.

I applauded Scunny for the team they started with on paper, but they have had a truly horrendous season with injuries. Let’s just hope we pick our winning form back up and make last weekend a distant memory.

Onwards and upwards, deeks ya later, Banditos!

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