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While some of our riders have been taking a well-earned break of late, Aaron Summers has been less of a Spud, more like a very hot potato as he heads to our match at Ippo tomorrow (Thursday) to race in his FIFTH meeting in FIVE DAYS!

True story . Spud was at Sheffield on Sunday in the Championship of Championship Riders – or words to that effect -- just missing out on a semi-final sport with his eight points. One more point, and who knows…..?

On Monday he was at Leicester in the colours of Somerset Rebels – his “other club in another league” – and picked up a highly-creditable nine (paid ten) points, beating the likes of Scott Nicholls in the process.

Last night saw Aaron moving down to Somerset’s Oak Tree Arena as the Rebels absolutely mollicated the league-leading King’s Lynn Stars. 61-29 – wow! Spud played his part with a couple more big-league race wins.

Tonight (Wednesday) he’ll be in action again, this time live on BT Sports at Belle Vue in Somerset’s last regular-season match,

With the Rebels already guaranteed a play-off place, wouldn’t it be great if Spud (back at No 1 for us this month) can feature in the play-offs at Championship level, too?

Well, we’ll get a hint of what might be achievable tomorrow at Ipswich

Third time lucky?

Your KLS Bandits travel to Ippo tomorrow for the third time this year, yet we have yet to see a wheel turning in anger.

Last time there was last month, and in truth there was very little chance of getting a match that day. There had been overnight rain in Suffolk and the ongoing forecast for the day was for a great deal more of the stuff.

Not really a surprise to step onto the tarmac at Stansted on that Thursday to hear your phone buzzing -- telling you to get on board the next one going back north. A costly rain-off for the coven.

However, had the Witches not also postponed the original fixture in May, on a Thursday when (a) a little sprinkling of rain fell upon Foxhall Heath around tea-time as we were all rolling up to the pit-gate, and (b) Ippo were down a couple of big-namers in Danny King and Rory Schlein and quite probably didn’t fancy their chances, they wouldn’t have had the expense of bringing us back yet again to decide the issue this week.

When, unfortunately, we note they again won’t have Danny or Rory. Nor regular replacement Scott Nicholls.

I think it is known as karma…………

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