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Yes folks, this week has been a real thumb-twiddler!

Which could mean several things but in all honesty it is warning us how boring the coming winter close-season is going to be.

However, I’ve enjoyed this season a hell of a lot on the terraces!

It has helped this year that I brought my little boy with us --- seeing him actually content to be at a meeting and watching the bikes melts my heart. --- a true Black and Gold fan in the making!

Anyways, with no home meeting last week I’ve at least got a chance to talk about the Test Match up at Glasgow with Team GB lead by World Champion-elect Tai Woffinden battling it out with Chris Holder and his Aussies.

I wasn’t so much shocked that GB lost, I fully expected that – it was the margin they lost by……

Still, it has been a very promising year for GB on the world stage bar this one result and we should really look at this as a way of making Team GB competitive for years to come.

The atmosphere itself looked to be fantastic and is exactly what is needed for out sport. Hopefully this carries on now as a regular thing. You know – a speedway version of the Ashes!

Now, the BIG news is that our promotion has launched a new initiative. The Berwick STARS (that’s Stadium, Track And Rent Support) Project.

This is one thing we all as Bandit fans should be supporting.

We’ve seen what trusts and the like are doing in supporting Edinburgh’s Monarchs and some soccer clubs, plus the supporters at Glasgow gave the Tigers over £5K to boost their medical coverage --- with speedway in Britain entering a very uncertain period for many clubs, extra direct support to help the club financially can only help majorly towards securing our long-term future.

Look out for events supporting STARS in future, they’ll be the ones the Bandits need!

Anyways, following three very long days in the wards, it is now time for this one to be off, hot to trot!

Hope to see a few of you at Armadale tonight (Friday)….

Later, Banditos!

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