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In any sport we all have our favourites, our heroes if you will and Speedway is no different in that regard.

Over the years I have bored many (all three) of my friends telling them that Mark Loram and Alan Mogridge are heroes of mine and I have bored them further justifying my reasons as to why that is the case.

Ask any speedway fan who their hero is and they will all give you an answer and they’ll all tell you the reasons as to why. Whether you agree with them or not is a different matter entirely but life would be boring is we all shared the same opinion.

However, one thing I think we will all agree on is that Speedway is one of those sports where there are perhaps more unsung heroes than there are providing the heroics on the track, and I don’t mean just here at Berwick, I’m talking all over the country.

I think people often forget that the likes of the track staff and medical staff are largely made up of volunteers and without them there would be absolutely no show to speak of. Not to mention those who turn up on the off nights to wash down safety fences, clean up the pit areas and help with the general upkeep of the stadiums and equipment.

Then there are those club officials who we maybe tend to forget about but they also play an integral part in the running of the club, even though their contributions aren’t necessarily seen or heard as it were. We also shouldn’t forget about those who keep tabs on the clubs history and provide us with the sometimes staggering statistics about this great sport.

That probably doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface either. The amount of time and effort these people dedicate to the sport of speedway is worthy of admiration, and probably shows just as much commitment as any of the guys you see out on track.

So this is my shout out to all of speedways unsung heroes, you guys are awesome!

What happens on the track is undoubtedly the reason you go to watch speedway, but the off track heroes are the reason the on track heroes get to do their thing.

You simply can’t have one without the other!

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