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Time for my weekly(ish) blog, as a fellow-blogger (who shall be nameless – Hi, Dick!) cares to remind me.

Anyhoo…. Opening home team meeting complete; one home win achieved and no bonos points for the visitors.

A very satisfactory Saturday night it was!

It has been a long time though, since we’ve done the home-and-away double over Newcastle – ten years I believe – but those of us lucky enough to be at the home of the Diamonds on Sunday night (and there were a good few) saw as emphatic a display as we are ever likely to see from our boys in Black & Gold.

Dominance from the gate won us the battle, as all too often we out-trapped our counterparts with only Dany continuing to show his dislike of Brough Park!

Still, when you have an away win by twelve points with one of your top five not scoring, it’s only encouraging.

Imagine how bad it could have been for Newcastle otherwise…….

Anyways, those seven match points achieved over the weekend have us sitting in a very good position in our Championship Shield group table, and as long as we can achieve home wins in our remaining group matches it puts the pressure on our opponents to secure an equally-powerful away win!

BUT. But… But I’m doing my usual and jumping the gun – let’s not be thinking that far ahead just yet.

This coming weekend sees us take on those oft-touted “big spenders” from up the A1 and along the M8, the Glasgow Tigers.

“Big spenders” probably being used very inappropriately when it comes to Glasgow – they’ve spent big, but in the right way.

The changes they made to their stadium took it from being a proper dump to a place that is far from being a dump!

They’ve put most clubs to shame with what they do with their social media, and yes, they’ve managed to attract a big name rider along the way, but that league title the Facennas desire has so far eluded them.

We know what we can expect from Messrs Cook, Vissing and Starke; it is what the other four Tigers do the could decide which way the points go this weekend!

In my opinion, as a biased, don’t-give-a-damn what others think Bandito, well we look more solid.

“Pinch yourself and calm down, Sarah”

Glancing around the country, and I know Dick has discussed this, but Rob Godfrey…. Rob Godfrey… dear oh dear oh dear!

For those who don’t know what’s gone on (and don’t read Dick’s blogs) Mr Godfrey’s Scunthorpe have dropped 17-year-old Jedd List after only three meetings and replaced him with Danny Ayres!

Yet again, a la Newcastle with Viktor Palovaara, the complete disregard shown to a rider astounds me.

Respect has to be a two-way street…. When we see the BSPA vice-chairman changing his team after only three matches, what does that say?

I know and very much understand that speedway is a results business, but considering the gamble that young lad has taken, packing up his stuff to come halfway around the world – to be dropped after only three meetings in a strange new country, he must be wondering why he bothered!

And we wonder why riders regard our leagues as lowest in their preferences?

Anyways, time for me to pop off – new job, a little boy who clings to his mother as tightly as seagull poop clings to my car and a HUGE pile of laundry needs to be done!

It ain’t easy being a Bandito blogger!

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