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Lots of folks have written songs about heroes, and the in fact there are literally hundreds of people who wrote them, most of them are terrible and some of them good.

David Bowie once famously sang "We could be heroes, just for one day" and I believe that day was Saturday night.

Why? Well let me tell you why...

Picture the scene, heat eight of a tense and tight meeting between your Berwick Bandits and the Glasgow Tigers and the Tigers hit us with a 4-2 courtesy of James Sarjeant and Kyle Bickley to bring the match to within six but still leaving them in tactical territory. The previously unbeaten Craig Cook comes in as a tactical substitute alongside Shielfield specialist Claus Vissing for the Tigers in the ninth, with the potential to bring the score to within just two points.

I can just about guarantee that not one single person in the stadium was quite ready for what was about to unfold before their very eyes. The Bandits pairing of Dany Gapppmaier and Nickolaj Busk Jakobsen clearly hadn't read the script as they jetted from the tapes and saw off the ferocious challenges of Cook for four laps to collect an unlikely 5-1 to set the tone for the rest of the evening.

These are the types of moments that live long in the memory of speedway fans.

There is an old adage that anything can happen in speedway and so it proved on Saturday as Shielfield Park became unglued as Dany and Busk became heroes that night. It just goes to show that nobody is unbeatable on any given night and that anything can happen.

Every now and then in speedway you find that your team needs a hero, someone to step up when least expected and pop out an inspirational performance to turn the fortunes of the side around on that given night.

Over the years there have been countless underdog victories in speedway, and probably many that we perhaps don't hear about. I seem to recall former Bandit Carl Shield beating the mighty Peter Carr of Edinburgh around Shielfield Park one night in what was a highly unlikely victory.

I also remember back in the days of Carl Stonehewer and Sean Wilson coming to visit that it was a big deal if anyone got near them, let alone beat them in a race.

Another unlikely victory that springs to mind was Tero Aarnio heading home Tomas Topinka in a Bandits vs Kings Lynn fixture roughly a decade ago.

Fast forward to last season and Aarnio was at it again, this time heading home Jason Doyle no less, in the Speedway of Nations at Belle Vue, futrther hammering home the point I'm making that nobody is unbeatable or invincible. While these sorts of things maybe don't happen all that often, it is simply magical when they do.

Which famous victories are still fresh in your memory? I bet there are plenty so feel free to share!

While we may only be a handful of meetings into the new season, I have a good feeling about this Bandits team.

Your "experts" in the Speedway Star might not, but who cares?

The Berwick Bandits are used to being given the underdog tag, and like I've said before, we all love a good underdog story!

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